Hexcrawl Series No. 10 – Greenhill

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Big cities attract big problems. Simple people prefer simpler lives. Greenhill was settled soon after Crimsonwall became too large to sustain itself.

Lord Libbot is the current ruler. Due to his relationship with myconids, they roam freely among the fields. The fungi people’s presence is a controversial issue for the farmers of Greenhill. There isn’t much they can do though. Lord Libbot has many myconid friends and disregards any complaint about them.

Town’s History

Greenhill is located about 50 miles east of Crimsonwall. The village of giant vegetables, popularly called, is crucial to the duchy’s economy and sustenance.

Greenhill rests on top of a tall hill that overlooks an area of green fields and prairies. A tall palisade surrounds the heart of the farming settlement. A second, smaller, inner palisade guards Lord Libbot’s manor on top of the hill the village owes its name to.

The Pioneers

Fifty-seven brave pioneers left the busy streets of Crimsonwall and founded Greenhill. They survived numerous Dewborn attacks throughout the years. They fought against the harshness of weather and the forces of the wild. Fortunately, in the end, their efforts paid off.

Greenhill is home to hundreds of Brukesians. Its production of vegetables and other goods is crucial to Crimsonwall’s economy. Merchants travel the roads to and from both settlements every day.

Duke Crane appointed Lord Libbot as the official ruler of the village. Over the years, Lord Libbot’s admiration for myconids and his good-termed relationship with them caused the fungi-folk to settle close to Greenhill.

Myconid Influence

Lord Libbot once traveled the woods and befriended a group of sentient myconids. Since then, it is usual to see the sentient fungi people socializing with the farmers in Greenhill. The myconids’ droppings help farmers grow giant vegetables and more lasting products. Not everyone agrees with this interaction, though. Some consider it unnatural.

General Features

A hill dominates the center of Greenhill. Miles of farms and fertile soil surround it. Farmers and workers walk the narrow roads every day. Covered wagons and carts of merchants leaving the village or coming from Crimsonwall are a common view.

Greenhill, the town of giant vegetables, unless otherwise noted: Horses and cattle (ever-present smell of manure). Duchy’s grasp (Brukesian soldiers make rounds every day). Myconid influence (abnormally large vegetables). Hilly land (tiring steep roads).

D8 Random Encounters


1d3 predator myconids roam the farms looking for easy food, they are sentient but starved


2d4 badgers are enraged with a rooster in a hen house


1 berserk ogre, it doesn’t stop hitting others until slain or incapacitated


A locust swarm ravages the fields


A crazy farmer claims he is a Dewborn soldier, he claims the land


1d6 mindless myconids stand on the road doing nothing, they become hostile if touched


1d6 Pigmen hunters attempt to steal cattle


A pack of 2d8 wild dogs attacks a farm in the outskirts of town

D8 Random Events


Three myconids dance on the road for several minutes. They do in a hypnotic synchronized way.


Dense mist covers the village for 1d4 hours, the floor is not visible


1d6 sentient myconids arrive at the town to sell remedies


Unusually large tomatoes and potatoes sprout from the ground


A cow moos as if howling to the moon


A rooster sings in the distance regardless of the time of the day


A man talks to pigs by squealing, he claims they squeal back.


A mob of three dozen chickens chases  a bunch of little kids who scream while running

1. West Road

Well-traveled road (footprints, horse-tracks). Rural village (countless fields and cattle animals).

  • Main road. Merchants, travelers, carts, riders, messengers, soldiers, etc. All kinds of people travel the road every day to run their errands.
  • Imports/Exports. Greenhill products and goods are taken west every day. Corn and wheat are the most exported goods along with oversized vegetables.
  • Brukesian guards. The presence of the Brukesian army can be noticed from here. Soldiers patrol the road to protect travelers and merchants. Their patrolling area covers the road from here to the gate (area 4). They offer travelers their help and protection for a small fee.

2. Fenwick Mill

Two-story stone building (wooden beams, mill blades). Delicious smell (beef stew and vegetables).

Catherine Fenwick

Fair lady (green eyes and blond hair). Small Build (5’7’’ tall, round face).

  • The miller. Catherine loves to swim and despises aristocracy. She is sentimental and struggles to ask for help.
  • Stuck mill. Catherine has an issue with the mill. A vine-shaped myconid grew all over the mill and impedes its movement. She can’t remove it by herself. Besides, the vines she removes regrow the morning after. She rewards her helpers with 35 gold pieces and a hot, homemade meal.

3. Delk’s Home

One-story building (wooden beams, one window). Coach cart (deluxe, expensive).

Delk Dickens

Venerable (70-year-old man). Elegant (clean expensive clothes).

  • Values. An honorable coachman who works despite his age. He knows the way he dresses and the cart he drives makes jealous people pick on him. His friends have told him so many times. And yet, he won’t change.
  • Vandalism. Delk’s beautiful cart has been defiled. The unknown culprit splashed a bucket of manure on one side of the cart and filled the seats with rotten vegetables. Footprints lead to a field of corn before the track is lost.
4. West Gate

Palisade (strong wooden beams). Brukesian Guards (stationed all times).

  • Checkpoint. Travelers must stop and allow Brukesian soldiers to revise their cargo if any, and answer a few questions. The commander of the soldiers in Greenhill is usually stationed here.

5. East Gate

Palisade (strong wooden beams). Brukesian Guards (sleepy and bored).

  • Checkpoint. Travelers must stop and allow Brukesian soldiers to revise their cargo if any, and answer a few questions.
  • Punishment. Guards stationed here see it as a punishment; there’s hardly anything to do. No one travels east, and only a few locals cross the gate in a day.
Fight Club

Secret (no one talks about it). Not so secret (growing in numbers).

  • Fights. They occur in the basement of a house near the gate. It’s supposed to be a secret but no one can help to talk about it. The guards challenge strong or tough individuals they meet.

6. Farmers’ Market

Packed roads (scores of people shopping). Specialty (oversized veggies).

  • Market. Greenhill’s merchants come here every day to sell their wares. The village’s most sought out goods are the oversized vegetables.
Homeless Max

Filthy (ragged clothes and barefoot).

  • Pick-pocketer. Max is swift and stealthy. He tries to steal food or coins from travelers and shoppers. He cries and begs for mercy when caught.

7. Maerwynn’s Giant Veggies

Two-story home (family of eight). Wooden sign (towering and colorful).

Maerwynn Linn

Features (ordinary face, brown eyes). Build (5’9’’ tall, muscular).

  • Farmer. Kind and easy-going. She makes people she talks to feel like the most important person around.
  • Fungal Friend. Maerwynn befriended a myconid who helps her. She uses its droppings and wastes to fertilize her vegetables.

8. Greenhill Treasury

Two-story building (blocks of stone). Top-class security (Duke’s knights).

  • Knights. Four armed men protect Lord Libbot’s treasury and entourage.
Dylan Drake

Sophisticated (spectacles, nice clothes). Features (oval face, spotty beard).

  • Treasurer. Dylan is an accountant. He runs the books in Greenhill. He despises myconids.

9. Lord Libbot’s Mansion

Largest building (14 chambers, three-story manor). Security (Inner palisade, gate, and ever-present guards).

  • Forbidden grounds. No one is allowed near Lord Libbot without previous authorization by him or his wife. The duke, Albert Crane, is the only exception.
Lord Libbot

Aristocrat (delicate manners). Build (5’5’’ overweight, slow).

  • Myconid obsession. The lord allows and promotes myconids’ presence and influence in the village. He believes it is for the best for both peoples.

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