My name is Derek Ruiz, I have been a player and DM for over 16 years. I started playing Advanced D&D but quickly moved to 3rd edition. I started DMing shortly afterward and have been since then. I’ve played and DMed 3rd, 4th, and 5th edition D&D.  I love my craft and live for this game, roleplaying gives us a chance to live other lives and experiment to our mind’s content.

Thanks to the people who sponsor my work, I can now be a full-time artist/writer. My main line of work is adventures and cartography. You can see a lot of my work in the Map Vault section on this site. If you want to further help me keep making these awesome cartography illustrations, you can do so at my crowdfunding site.

I publish content that is useful to craft adventures or to get them moving. I believe that good storytelling is important. Adventure seeds and one-shot encounters or adventures are things that I post often.