Commission Custom Maps

Hello! My name is Derek, thanks for considering commissioning Elven Tower art. I am a professional cartography artist. I focus on tabletop RPG illustrations of fantasy locations. I have illustrated a great number of dungeons, indoor locations, regional, and world maps. You can see a big chunk of my portfolio at my Map Vault. When I deliver the finished product, I always include several versions of it, depending on the type of map. Variations can include text labels or not. Black and White versions, and GM and Player versions, when appropriate. Here are some examples of my work:

Alternatively, we also do isometric illustrations of dungeons and/or encounter locations. Here’s a sample of how that looks:

What you need

To commission a cartography piece, I need all the info and lore I can get my hands on to illustrate the location. This means any background lore, place descriptions, and most importantly, a sketch. The sketch is really important, it doesn’t have to be good. It is just a general guideline of where stuff is supposed to be. A rough doodle is better than nothing. Another thing that is useful is to point me to other reference images for what you need.

The cost

A cartography piece for personal-use with a non-exclusive license has a flat rate cost of $150.00 USD.

An exclusive piece for a book or commercial product has a flat rate cost of $400.00 USD.

All costs are subject to changes depending on the complexity of the piece and modifications. Most pieces are illustrated at a scale of 140px per square, for playable maps. They work great on VTT platforms like Roll20 or Foundry VTT. Theyprint beautifully on letter-sized paper too. I reserve the right to decide to work in bigger dimensions depending on the type of map, thus affecting the cost.

Get in touch with me here