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Our Magazine's First Issue

Dungeon Vault Magazine is all about providing interesting ideas and lore to DMs and storytellers. Within this issue, you will find 5 adventure ideas; this is our first issue!

A Cool Isometric Dungeon

This adventure tells the story of the Tree-Bark Druids. A group of protectors of nature that goes back more than 300 years. Their long lifespans have allowed them to grow their numbers.

D.V.M Issue 15

Dungeon Vault Magazine is all about providing interesting ideas and lore to DMs and storytellers. Within this issue, you will find 5 adventure ideas; this is our first issue!

Mausoleum of Regrets

Enraged undead abominations make incursions from an ancient family mausoleum. They attack the peasantry and show no mercy. The city watch has sent a few volunteer men to investigate but none of them came back from the cursed burial place. They are in need of valorous heroes willing to put their lives on the line to save the innocent.

This is a level 2 adventure with a bit of exploration, tomb-robbing, and the exploration of a recently unearthed family mausoleum!

Brukesian Duchy - Hexcrawl and travel rules

This is the Brukesian Duchy. A territory of a larger kingdom that is so far away from the capital. The crown has little influence over it.

Dagon's Sanctum

This adventure is about a small fishing settlement where the fishermen have been attacked frequently over the past few weeks.

Cobb Crossing Town

The adventurers need time to relax from dangerous tasks and dark caves and dungeons. Cobb Crossing is the perfect place for the heroes to lay down for a while and recover. The small village was a military outpost in the past. But after many years of peace, the place blossomed with harvests and farmland.

The Scarlet Vault

This is yet another Ultra-Lethal dungeon full of traps, incredibly dangerous environmental threats, and encounters that spawn several areas thanks to the verticality of the design. This dungeon is designed to kill whoever visits.

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