Where Did That Pumpkin Come From?

In this level 5 adventure for the world’s greatest RPG game, a group of adventurers travels into the depths of the forest to hunt what the locals call a witch. The evil spellcaster is guilty of the disappearances in nearby settlements. The adventurers must explore the inside of her home and underground lair.

Against all odds, the adventure climaxes when a gigantic pumpkin emerges from the ground as a result of a failed ritual. Exploring the pumpkin and destroying the magical core that powers it becomes a priority.

This adventure has it all. There are roleplaying opportunities, interesting NPC’s, spooky encounters, and a fight under a giant pumpkin!

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Product Overview

  • Adventure PDF
  • Printer Friendly PDF
  • Map files for DM and PC in high resolution
  • Roll20 compatible maps

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