Heart of Ice

In this level 5 adventure for the world’s greatest RPG game. A group of adventurers travels to the far north. To the merciless tundra. They visit a small community of secluded tribesmen who had an important artifact stolen from them. An evil mage, thirsty for power and knowledge stole the heart of ice a powerful arcane battery that he aims to use for his own ambitions.

The adventurers must dare the dangerous tundra environment to find an ancient crypt and track the mage. The mage has not unleashed the true power of the artifact but he has summoned a powerful magical frost dragon.

This adventure has it all. There are roleplaying opportunities, interesting NPC’s, random tundra encounters, and a fight on with a mage and a frost dragon!

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Product Overview

  • Adventure PDF
  • Printer Friendly PDF
  • Map files for DM and PC in high resolution
  • Roll20 compatible maps

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