Dungeon Crawling with Style

Earlier iterations of the world’s greatest RPG game placed greater importance on underground exploration and the tracking of time and resources. These elements were removed from the game a long time ago but we can add them back in with little preparation.

Reimplementing these systems gives great depth to dungeon delving by making storage space and lighting important again. Besides, tracking time makes the world more believable as it feels like a real thing that reacts to the characters’ actions.

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How does It Work

Dungeon Crawling with Style works by replacing the current weight system for the Bulk system and adding a dungeon turn procedure to track time, resources, and random effects in dungeons.

The most fundamental change is that time becomes a valuable asset and a trading system for the characters’ actions.


This is our Dungeon Turn Tracking sheet. With it, you can keep accurate records of activities inside a dungeon, random events, and the duration of light sources.

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