Rolling in the Deep – Level 4 Adventure

Rolling in the Deep


We have recently released this long-format adventure that features our three most recent maps. This is a showcase of what the adventure includes. If you are interested in this product, here are some options for you:

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In Rolling in the Deep, a group of level-4 adventurers visits Green Shore Hamlet after learning of the atrocities that happened there. A band of ravaging, blood-thirsty sahuagin captured some of their fishermen, leaving fear and uncertainty in its poor place…

The characters track the sahuagin back to their lair. They must find a way to overcome the challenges of swimming underwater and the darkness of the caverns. Glu’Dur’Boog, the leader of the sahuagin, has the power of Targul, an otherworldly entity that demands countless human sacrifices. Not even the heroes are safe in here…

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Product Includes

  • Adventure PDF and EPUB
  • Printer-Friendly B/W PDF
  • Separate Hi-Res and Roll20 Maps

Here are some close shots of the adventure PDF spreads:

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