Sympathy for the Devil – Level 3 Adventure

Sympathy for the Devil


We have recently released this long-format adventure that features our three most recent maps. This is a showcase of what the adventure includes. If you are interested in this product, here are some options for you:

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In Sympathy for the Devil, a group of level-3 adventurers meets Daniel Sands, the sacred healer. The former priest worked as a doctor in the region and one day was visited by Yal, a devil. Clever Yal promised Daniel real power and magic to cure and heal people. The human accepted for his only goal was to help others.

This adventure shall test minds and hearts. The healer and Yal become one, and they are surrounded by dozens of followers that have formed a cult. They were all crippled and withered old people waiting for death; Daniel gave them back their health and a purpose in life. But their health comes with a price; a subconscious loyalty to the devil. Daniel’s entourage will do everything for him. Plus, killing the healer would undo every cure and return the townsfolk to their former state of health.

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Product Includes

  • Adventure PDF and EPUB
  • Printer-Friendly B/W PDF
  • Separate Hi-Res and Roll20 Maps

Here are some close shots of the adventure PDF spreads:

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