Our future and the non-OGL

Hello, amazing Patreon supporters, followers, and the internet. This is Derek Ruiz, the mind behind Elven Tower and Dungeon Vault Magazine.

I’m assuming you are aware of the recent debacle with the OGL 1.1/2.0 and how that affects 3rd party publishers. The conditions in both leaks, and even today’s announcement and giving WotC the benefit of the doubt are not convenient for us or any other creator that values their efforts and creations. Stuff like this is why I stopped publishing in the DM’s Guild as all I posted there I could not control anymore. That is the moment the magazine was born, actually.

So, I won’t abide by WotC’s terms. Even if they are redacted and made “benign”. As of today, they claim the right to de-authorize past licenses so any terms may be changed at a later date. The OGL is no longer a safe harbor for creators like myself. Thus, off with the OGL but that also means off with 5e’s SRD.

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2 thoughts on “Our future and the non-OGL

  • Paizo is woke AF so it’s just a matter of time those zealots will try to control every single aspect of the hobby.

    • I kinda figured as much a while after posting this update. We have chosen not to use the ORC license in the meanwhile. We now fully support Creative Commons licenses and we are producing some stuff with a double-licensing setup for Shadowdark RPG which has a very open and permissive license too.

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