Map 98 – Acorns Vale


Today I bring you a regional map of Acorns Vale. A forested area north of an important road. South of the forest, a bridge stands close to a small village. This is Galifar’s Hollow. It used to be a simple road inn/tavern, but it’s grown to be a village and promises to become a popular stop for travelers and merchants.

West, down the road, the County Granary is the last stop before a long journey to the city. There is a game trail that crosses the woods. In the middle of the forest, a tribe of orcs calls the place home. They are savages but don’t usually meddle with humans. Instead they hunt and gather, they live from the forest and will protect it from harm.

If you follow the river upstream, eventually you’ll reach an opening from the woods. Short rolling hills stand next to a wooden hut where grass and trees grow green all year long. This is the home of Farendil de elf druid.

I drew this map to tie in several locations from recent maps published the town Galifar’s Hollow is illustrated in detail in Map 95. Farendil’s Hut is Map 96. This concludes this very small series of illustrations tied to the same location. Of course it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way in your games. This is just a game aid. But if you wish to have these places in completely unrelated scenarios that’s perfect. If you use them together, then the adventure hooks and ideas for maps 95 and 96 can be put to good use now that we have this regional map.

Two other locations will serve this place and further adventures, the County Granary and the orc tribe are places which can span new ideas and quests.

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