Map 25 – Tenebrous Shack


The townsfolk are very concerned over the disappearance of 3 children. Some nearby towns report similar facts. Some are missing children, some are missing sheep or other types of cattle. The farmers who live in the outskirts say they have heard a faint whistling sound, hours before dawn.

There is an abandoned shack in the forest close to town that has been abandoned for years. The lumberjack who used to live there went away on an escort job, trying out the adventurer’s life. He never came back. In the past months a night hag found the place and decided to make it her lair. She refitted the basement and built a trap mechanism. There is a trap door in the first floor that she can activate pulling a rope from the basement.  The hag has a magical ocarina in her possession. She doesn’t know exactly how it works but, whenever she blows it. It charms and attracts children or innocent animals. She has captured 6 children and several animals since she came here, she is over confident and doesn’t believe any human might dare face her. There are 3 of the kids still alive in her cage trap.

If someone approaches she will try to use her trap to separate them, getting out of the cage will require someone to do a thieves’ tools check (DC 17) or a STR check (DC 16) to break out of the cage. If reduced to one third of her HP, the hag will attempt to flee.


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