Map 26 – Willowbrook Estate


This is Willowbrook, an estate owned by the crown. Inside, there is a sanitarium that is permanent home for embarrassing cast-offs from families who wish their familial indiscretions to remain a secret. The drug addicted, by-products of incest, the incurably insane, and even those whose only transgression seems to be the living evidence of an unwanted pregnancy are kept hidden here from the inquiring eyes of high society.

This map was privately commissioned for an upcoming Pathfinder module by Jason LeMaitre. It is a fantastic horror themed adventure with a very mature feel. Soon the module will be released.

Apart from the upcoming module, this top-view map can be used for different circumstances too. A king might commission adventurers to explore the estate if it was abandoned years ago. Strange noises may have been heard inside the premises, requiring a team of valiant people to go in and root out whatever is causing them.  Maybe some “in-mates” from the sanatorium escaped and need to be brought back before they exit the property.


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