Map 19 – Hermit’s Refuge


Arthur Goldneth aka “the dark viper” was known in his days as one of the best swordsmen in the realms. His ability lead him to win many tournaments an fight in several wars under different banners. He has always been remembered for his accuracy in battle, using a longsword and a whip. In his times he had many students who learned some of his techniques. However, Arthur Goldneth felt victim to a mid-life crisis caused by the remorse of all the lives he took. Some years ago he retired and became a hermit, now living alone in a tower on the top of a hill. He has become psychotic, years of solitude did him more wrong than anything else. Now he fears visitors. He has built secret accesses to his tower and under-hill basement that he can use to flank visitors or catch them unaware. Most of the time he aims to kill, he doesn’t want people to tell anyone where he is hiding. The secret doors are activated by a hidden switch in the nearest wall (Perception check DC 17). His last resort is to hide in his basement. The only access is the hill cave, which is blocked by a caged door. For defense, Arthur has installed a ballista-like device in the basement, which he can use to attack people trying to get past the caged door. The basement has an access stair that goes down to a small room. In this room there are three chests with Arthur Goldneth’s most treasured possessions.

Adventurer’s might want to visit this place to get training from Arthur Goldneth, who, if convinced, can teach them fighting techniques. Another reason to talk to him is to research information about a past tournament, war or acquaintance of Arthur Goldneth.


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