Map 18 – Waterdeep’s Zoo


This is the first map I post on the website that is not black and white, I have been trying out different techniques of digital coloring. It’s something where I still consider myself a noob. But this map came out nice and starting from now, I will be posting maps color maps more often.

Sir Trodeng d’Visir is originally from Waterdeep, his family has a very well standing in the community and he has never wanted for anything. Coming from a wealthy family, Sir Trodeng was trained as a knight and became a good swordsman. He always felt an innate attraction to exploration of underground compounds and facing powerful opponents. Unfortunately his adventurer’s life didn’t last more than a few years because his leg was severely injured fighting an owlbear a few years ago. A few years later, taking advantage of his family’s wealth, he acquired a state and built a zoo in the outskirts of Waterdeep. He finds it fun to be now a patron and give jobs to adventurers (like he used to be), he offers good rewards to people who can bring him amazing creatures to be showcased in his zoo. The more exotic the better, he is very proud of the owlbear in cage N, he goes to watch it with respect very often. The most exotic creatures in his zoo are: A smoke mephit, a friend of Sir Trodeng who is a mage, helped with a ritual that binds the smoke mephit to it. There is also a grell in cage K who is very aggressive. And weirdest of all, two goblins are captured in cage F, they are very angry and try to communicate with visitors but don’t speak common.

Map Key

  1. Entrance
  2. Gazebo (social area)
  3. Guide’s office
  4. Zoo restaurant / Tavern
  5. Ranger’s home
  6. Storage house
  7. Outhouses


  • A – 4 giant fire beetles
  • B – Birds of paradise
  • C – Panther
  • D – Empty
  • E – Lion pack
  • F – 2 goblins
  • G – Smoke mephit
  • H – Myconid spore servant
  • I –  Empty
  • J – Orc zombie
  • K – Grell
  • L – 2 troglodyte
  • M – Rhinoceros
  • N – Owlbear
  • O – Empty
  • P – 2 Giant centipede


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