766 The Velvet Garrison

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“They came out of the blue and took the fort overnight, kicking us all out to the streets. We must show those petty thieves who is in charge in this realm”.

Lord Namgel Coppercliff

A group of particularly aggressive goblins in Velvet Garrison stormed the fort and gained control of it a week ago. The town’s regent, Lord Namgel Coppercliff, has sent letters re­questing aid from Faradak but reinforcements are yet to arrive. After taking control of the fort, Tudko, the goblin boss in charge, demanded a share of the nearby mine’s profits and the town’s tithes. Tudko supports Raddak but thinks the goblins should act faster rather than dialogue or parley with the dwarven overseers.

The dwarves have been planning a way to retake the fortified compound but hesitate because there are hos­tages that Tudko threatens to kill if the dwarves attack. The goblins have proven to be fierce fighters. Still, Lord Namgel is ready to outsource this problem to mercenar­ies and thus has sent messengers out seeking brave indi­viduals willing to earn glory and a hefty reward.

Adventure Hook

Bounty. The characters hear of the town’s plight from anywhere in Ghin Faradum as the regent’s messengers have been asking for help for days. Lord Namgel offers a considerable reward and the service of three valiant dwarves (thugs) to aid the characters (300 gp).

Level 2-3 Dungeon

  • Danger. Risky. Check for a Random Encounter every 20 minutes and after loud noises (4-in-6 chance).
  • Light. Some areas have sconces or braziers with per­manent light spells. All denizens have darkvision.
  • Hidden Doors. Pushing hidden buttons reveals the presence of secret passages (DC 14 Perception).
1 Four dwarves (commoners) come with a makeshift ram made with a mine cart and a beam. They try to force open the gate.
2 Tudko (goblin, lv.-3 fighter) leaves area 10 and patrols the the fort; four goblins accompany him. This means the characters may encounter the goblin provocateur in any area of the garrison. In case of combat, Tudko attempts to flee back to area 10.
3 The spirits in area 6 grow restless; three shadows are spawned. They attack the living but prioritize the goblin invaders.
4 Four goblins, sent by Raddak, arrive at the fort. They carry a message from their leader goblin rebel: Tudko is to stand down and return the fort to the dwarves as Raddak dislikes this approach. Tudko refuses and a fight between both goblin factions ensues.
5 A sudden earthquake causes debris to fall on a random creature. It deals 2d6 damage (DC 13 Dexterity save for half).
6 Two goblins approach the party. They dislike Tudko’s violent approach, ask for mercy, and offer their services to the characters.

 1. Garrison’s Gate

Red fungal moss surrounds the area, the fort was named after the soft, red color of this fungus. The goblins keep the gate closed, fearing that the dwarves shall attempt to retake the fort. Forcing the gate open requires a ram. There are four goblins wielding crossbows taken from area 4 on the watchtowers over the gatehouse.

2. Wall Ramparts

The walls are 10 feet tall; a common height for dwarf architecture. 2d4 goblins stand watch on the ramparts. They are not the best guards and lack proper training.

  • Infiltration. Climbing the walls is simple with the right equipment (DC 10 Athletics, DC 13 without it). The goblins throw stones at attackers if spotted. The goblins are easily distracted by ruses or clever tricks, allowing the characters to climb undetected (DC 13 Intelligence).

3. Courtyard

The gate leads to the central courtyard. There are stone stairs that lead up to the wall ramparts (area 2) and a set of stairs that descends to the lower levels (area 7). If the characters move about this area before dealing with the goblin guards in area 2, the goblins raise the alarm and throw stones and spears to defend the fort.

4. Storage Rooms

Each of these chambers contains an assortment of wood­en crates and barrels with food and water, grain sacks, and run-of-the-mill weapons. The goblins have taken some of these to defend Velvet Garrison.

  • Treasure. Spending 10 minutes inspecting either room yields one longsword, one shield, two sets of leath­er armor, and leather pouches with 15 gp.

5. Kitchen

Six goblins work tirelessly in the kitchen trying to keep the now goblinoid garrison fed. They cut ingredients and throw them into either of the two large cauldrons. These goblins have worked here all their lives; they are inden­tured servants to Lord Namgel. They were momentarily happy when Tudko took over but their aspirations van­ished after the goblin boss ordered them to keep doing the same job; now to keep their goblin boss well-fed.

  • Sent Away. The jaded cooks carry on with their work. But a charismatic hero may persuade them to flee south to Raddak (DC 11 Persuasion) or to join them (DC 15).

6. Tomb of Heroes

Eight beautifully-decorated vases stand on shallow plinths on wall alcoves. Each brandishes a dwarven, family rune made with ornate platinum inlays.

Eight valiant warriors who perished during the Hun­dred-Year War, more than five centuries ago, are interred here to honor their exploits and bravery. This is a sol­emn chamber that begets respect and thoughtful medita­tion. The spirits of the dwarves buried here have grown restless from the goblinoid occupation (see Random En­counter 3). A wall inscription cautions tomb-robbers and states that their lives are forfeit if they rob this place.

  • Treasure. Prying the ornate inlays from the vases is enough to craft two platinum ingots (50 gp each). This ruins the vases and causes eight shadows to spawn from them. They pursue the characters for their insult.

7. South Hallway

This hallway surrounds the second level of the garrison compound. It connects all areas and has access to the stairs that lead to areas 3 and 10. Each time the charac­ters come, there is a 2-in-6 chance of coming across two goblins as they move about the underground garrison.

8. Fine Quarters

The glow from a brazier paints a fiery glow on the decadent furniture in this chamber. The embroidered tapestries on the walls are a symbol of opulence.

The west chamber belongs to Lord Namgel Coppercliff while the east chamber is Garantu’s, the chamberlain. The garrison lord’s quarters have been appropriated by the goblin boss. An observant character notices the gob­lin’s stench on the bed clothing (DC 12 Perception).

  • Treasure. A collection of fine porcelain figurines in the wooden coffer is worth 350 gp. They were purchased from an elvish tradesman 200 years ago.

9. Leisure Room

The chamber contains a heated pool of spring water, sauna facilities, and a seating area. Normally used for leisure and meditation by Lord Namgel and the cham­berlain, the chamber is now occupied by six unarmed goblins wearing loincloths relaxing in the pond. The goblins are loyal to Tudko but may yield in the presence of armed combatants (4-in-6 chances of this happening).

10. Audience Chamber

A robed goblin sits regally and with confidence on an oversized, throne-like seat. His eyes carry a brilliant, arcane flame not commonly seen in goblin-kind.

Tudko (goblin, lv.-3 fighter) and eight goblins are in this room. He announces that the characters should surren­der as he has four members of the dwarven staff as hos­tages in area 13. Tudko orders the characters to leave their weapons and equipment and abandon the garrison or his lackeys shall assassinate the hostages. An insight­ful character notices that Tudko is bluffing and does not dare order the killing of these dwarves (DC 16 Insight).

  • Combat. Tudko never orders the assassination out of cowardice. If forced, the goblins fight for their lives. If Tudko falls in battle, the goblins surrender. In addition, the hostages may even join this battle (see area 13).

11. East Vault

The chamber contains a packed bookcase and two locked, stone coffers (DC 14 Thieves’ Tools).

  • Treasure (3 XP). The coffers contain 200 gp, 1,300 sp, and a chainmail. The bookcase contains three Wiz­ard spell scrolls: magic missile, alter self, and silence.

12. West Vault

This vault was found by Tudko a few days ago and most of its contents were plundered by the goblins.

  • Spending 10 minutes searching the room reveals a Wizard’s spellbook tucked behind a history book. It contains four random level-1 spells.

13. Fort Staff Quarters

Under the watch of four goblin wardens, four bound dwarves (commoners) are captive on the north side of this chamber. They were non-combatant members of the garrison staff. The goblins fed them but the poor people have been left in their squalor. These hostages are wait­ing for an opportunity to fight for their freedom. Over the past few days, they have slowly loosened their bindings.

  • Escape. When the dwarves hear the conflict in area 10, they free themselves and start fighting their captors. There is a 3-in-6 chance for either side to win this en­gagement. If the dwarves survive, they run to area 10 to join the characters and take revenge against Tudko. If the goblins survive, they are too injured and scared to continue fighting. They cower under the beds.

14. Room of the Dwarven Rulers

A lone statue of a dwarven king leads to a slender chamber with four granite effigies of dwarven war­riors; each carries a book and has a pensive look.

Copper plaques under each statue identify the people portrayed here. The lone statue represents King Davek, the current king’s grandfather. The four statues repre­sent Haggi Ironfist, Durgar Thunderaxe, Jali Stoneblade, and Rawi Hammerfall. The four renowned military lead­ers whose exploits won the Hundred-Year War.

  • Timeless Trinkets. The decorated coffer contains personal items and mundane objects used by the Dwar­ven Rulers when they visited Velvet Garrison in the past. They are worthless but have great cultural value.

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