765 Topaz Beach

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“Perhaps, we have reached a time when we must put aside the history that our ancestors crafted and build a new world erasing the lines of past blood.”

Lady Mirabel Silverstream

In contrast with the palpable divide between dwarves and goblins in the region, Topaz Beach portrays a new kind of society that has slowly evolved under the progressive rule of Lady Mirabel Silverstream. She believes that the gener­ational debts of goblins must be either facilitated or al­together forgiven. Not all think like her but over her 40- year governance, she has created an atmosphere where most goblins employed in her fief should be able to ful­fill their payments within the next decade. How business and society shall evolve from this remains to be seen.

Thanks to the different conditions provided in Topaz Beach, the settlement has not been subject to the rebel­lious attacks and sabotages that the capital sees almost daily. Goblins are allowed to come and go, even if their will is to join Rakkar at the Goblinoid Campsite to the south. They are allowed to think differently and leave.

Level 2-3 Settlement

  • Events. Check for a Random Event in every other area the characters visit (4-in-6 chance).
  • Atmosphere. Many dwarves are unsatisfied with the arrangement that goblins can abandon town with­out consequence. Their family debts are not forgiven but rather frozen for the time being, which affects trade in the same manner as in Faradak. Local tradesmen do not have the authorities’ help here, though. They must ab­sorb the damage and quench their greed in other ways.
  • Light. Luminescent algae and kelp in Topaz Lake pro­vide dim light that bathes the town in an eerie hue.
 RANDOM EVENT d6 Details
1 A goblin retinue from the Freedom Assembly marches in protest. They ask for their wages to be doubled.
2 A conflict in Topaz Docks as a skiff from Faradak arrives with six dwarven guards. They seek ten goblin fugitives who arrived here a few hours earlier. The four local guards impede their passage saying the goblins are protected. A swift skirmish ensues.
3 A group of dwarf and goblin children play in the streets; the deep chasm between the two ancestries appears to not exist at all.
4 Dwarf representatives of Royal Mining Co. protest in front of Gemstone Palace, seeking an audience with the fief regent. Rumor has it that Lady Mirabel refuses to grant them an audience since their company put up bounties to assassinate Rakkar.
5 A bright explosion and blue-tinted smoke are seen from Lapis Island. The locals remark the presence of an alchemist there.
6 A flash flood ruins several beach storefronts. Dwarves and goblins alike work to aid the injured and repair the damages.

1. Topaz Docks

A considerable percentage of the fugitives from Fara­dak come here and are welcomed into the city, either to continue their servitude here or to continue their jour­ney south. Security has been reinforced as military skiffs come from Faradak often, seeking the refugees.

  • Politics. The squabbles at the docks have deteriorat­ed the relationship between the two cities’ law enforce­ment forces. Lady Mirabel is a vassal of King Thwayne and would be obligated by law to aid the capital but since the king refuses to issue an order on the matter, Lady Mirabel continues her progressive, goblin-aiding stance.

2. Topaz Lake

This is the largest body of water in Ghin Faradum. It is fed by the Ghin River and a few other smaller streams and then continues to the southwest. Due to its calm wa­ters, luminescent forms of vegetation thrive here. Their presence produces a substance that paints the soil in a yellowish hue, hence the settlement’s name.

3. Hall of Kings

Characters looking for a place to stay or enjoy an eve­ning of drinking and dining are well to approach the Hall of Kings. This inn and tavern is owned by Inigo Hark, a senior dwarf, old enough to have participated in the Hun­dred-Year War in his teenage years. The battleaxe he al­legedly used in battle hangs over the bar.

  • The Champions. Crudely carvings of the four Dwar­ven Rulers oversee the common room. If the characters have not visited this place, they are beckoned to do so.
  • Bad Tidings. While the characters stay, a herald comes with terrible news from Velvet Garrison, a small settlement to the southeast. A splinter group of aggres­sive goblin rebels has taken the town’s fort. Messengers have been sent north to Faradak, hoping that the king might actually do something about this flagrant attack.
  • Goblin State. Rumor has it that Rakkar’s Goblinoid Campsite is meant to be the site of a new city; a rebirth of the ancient goblin society that once existed. Goblins hear this with the utmost attention and glinting eyes.

4. Chapel of the Horned Goddess

Similar to Faradak’s chapel, the goblin’s deity of the earth is fashioned from molted copper coins. The figure of a kneeling goblin is headless as the real headpiece is meant to be retrieved from a nearby sacred site. The chapel is presided by Miara, a goblin priestess.

  • For the Faith. The priestess offers 300 gp for bring­ing back the effigy’s headpiece from the Church of the Horned Goddess, north of Sapphire Link. She claims the sacred place has not been visited in ages.

5. Davek Museum

Ancient relics and trinkets from both the last five centu­ries of dwarven kings and the previous goblin civiliza­tion, Kithulat, are on display at the local museum. The curator, a spectacle-wearing dwarf named Vikku spends the day cleaning the crystal display boxes.

  • Treasure Hunting. He offers a reward of 800 gp for retrieving the Horned Goddess’s headpiece for local dis­play. The curator remarks that the Church of the Horned Goddess is said to lie north of Sapphire Link.

6. House of Spores

A dwarf, Mekki, and a goblin, Kiora, grow and harvest all kinds of fungi for curative ointments. They are both well-versed in their craft and address each other as equals. It remains unclear who is in charge and they refuse to en­tertain that conversation. Here, the characters can buy arcane ingredients, potions, and Level-1 spell scrolls.

7. Goblin Warrens

A block of several buildings serves as the quarters for most goblins in Topaz Beach. Contrary to the conditions of warrens in Faradak, the capital, the goblins have am­ple space and adequate facilities on this side of Ghin Far­adum. There even is a small fenced park in between the buildings where goblin children play. Last year, a school for goblins was inaugurated. For the first time, goblin in­fants learn to speak and read both Goblin and Dwarvish.

8. Gemstone Forge

Weaponry and armor of great dwarven quality can be purchased here. The forge does not have the same pow­er as the one in the capital and magic items cannot be crafted here but the metalwork is fine. The only caveat is that all items are branded with the seal of Lady Mirabel Silverstream: two lines over a rhomboid shape.

9. Goblin Farmstead

The fungal farms are mostly cared for by goblins who en­joy the luxury of living in the nearby houses without the constant vigilance of dwarves. It works for both parties as a basis of trust and work has been formed over years of work and fairer wages than in the rest of the realm.

10. Lapis Island

Three wealthy families have estates on this island. One of the manors belongs to the Gakkalli family, who be­came rich by owning numerous trade barges and skiffs. The heir of this trade empire, Laddo Gakkalli, does not care about any of this and instead spends his time study­ing alchemy. He is known for being explosive, like the ex­periments he conducts. Some even call him an arsonist.

  • Rare Ingredients. If the characters visit the Gakkalli residence, a goblin servant leads them to Laddo’s labo­ratory. Laddo claims to have run out of a rare ingredient, geode powder. He offers 400 gp for bringing him a crate of this elusive substance from Hollow Geode.

11. Freedom Assembly

The goblins gather here to speak of their civil rights, plans for the future, and of Rakkar’s insurrection. All this under Lady Mirabel’s permission, who believes that gob­lins should have freedom of speech. Two dwarf guards are present at all times so no secrets are kept, though.

  • Representatives. The assembly leader, Regri, wishes to visit Rakkar at the campsite to speak about the future. If the characters are present, Regri asks if they would be willing to escort him to the campsite and back to town.

12. Gemstone Palace

The seat of Lady Mirabel Silverstream’s power is wel­coming of adventurers. They are granted an audience within a few hours as the regent seeks valiant warriors.

  • The Secret. After pleasantries, the regent reveals the following: She believes that King Thwayne’s crown, which has been in his family line since the Hundred-Year War, is secretly believed to be of goblin craftsmanship. Scholars even claim it has secret arcane powers. Lady Mirabel wishes to learn more about this situation, and she needs someone to do it for her. She claims that the tomb of King Thwayne’s grandfather, King Davek, must hold the truth; he was the first to wear it after the fateful Hundred-Year War. She offers a reward of 500 gp.

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