754 Y’renlune – Level 1-2 Settlement

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In Y’renlune’s verdant embrace, fey and mortal kin alike forge a tapestry rich with enchantment and resilience. Strength comes with trust in others.

The Values of Y’renlune

Y’renlune stands as a vibrant testament to the diversity and resilience of the fey. This sprawl­ing town is home to a myriad of fey creatures including centaurs, satyrs, fairies, pixies, and elves. Interspersed among the fey populace are a few hu­mans, dwarves, and halflings, whose presence adds rich­ness to the town’s cultural tapestry. The town is a blend of natural and crafted structures—tree houses, glowing mushroom huts, and vine-entwined cottages.

However, beneath its enchanting exterior, Y’renlune is gripped by a growing concern over the Heart of Decay. Most people do not take the matter seriously, but the members of the Council of Roses have more insight. The town is now a focal point for those willing to confront the Heart of Decay, serving as a strategic base for launching expeditions, learning more about the local fey lore, and perhaps even gaining some valuable allies.

Adventure Hook

  • Adventure Hook. Despite the general calm, the town’s coun­cil decided it was imperative to seek assistance beyond their borders, inviting adventurers to aid in understand­ing and combating this corruption. They offer a hefty re­ward and the title of El-Unore Allies. For their mission, the characters must explore Y’renlune’s varied locations and meet the locals. These interactions shall provide them with insight and useful pointers (600 gp).

Level 1-2 Settlement

  • Danger. Risky. Check for a Random Event every two different areas the characters visit (4-in-6 chance).
  • Atmosphere. The town hums with the vibrant, whim­sical energy of its fey residents, it is alive with laughter and the strumming of satyr lyres under the canopy of en­chanted trees. Yet, beneath this magical effervescence, a subtle undercurrent of tension pervades, as the town unites against the looming shadow of the Heart of Decay.
  • Security. The town is surrounded by a stone wall with close to twenty towers. The Palace of Roses (area 15) stands at its center behind the inner wall. The town guards are a team of roughly fifty centaurs that brandish Y’renlune’s sigil on their armor and shields. The Council of Roses controls this force and they take care of signif­icant decisions regarding the town’s future or welfare.
 RANDOM EVENT d6 Details
1 As the heroes wander near a market, a mischievous pixie steals a small random item from a random hero.
2 The heroes meet a sentient mushroom. The myconid asks to be relocated to an area with less sunlight. It takes a few hours and a great effort. If they accept, the heroes are rewarded with a magical ‘shroom cap (potion of invisibility, 1 use).
3 The heroes are caught in a sudden magical, scented rain that grants them the ability to speak with plants for 2 days.
4 A family of satyrs, grim faces and their heads low, arrive in town. They seek refuge from the corruption of the Heart of Decay.
5 The heroes walk through a somewhat empty part of town when they witness a vivid representation of the Heart of Decay’s cor­ruption. From nearby bushes, plants, and grass, one evil dryad and four violet fungi arise. The monsters fight until slain.
6 A heavy mist bathes the entire town. Of all the conjectures, the one about the Heart of Decay being the culprit stands out.

1. West Gate

The West Gate called the Duskguard, is built from dark oak and thorned brambles, casting imposing shadows that grow with the setting sun, vigilantly warding off the night’s encroaching dangers. Two centaurs stand guard.

2. East Gate

In contrast, the eastern entrance is called Dawnwatch. The gate’s arch is crafted from intertwining silver birch wood and luminescent vines, welcoming the first rays of the morning sun. Two centaurs stand guard at this gate.

  • Arrival. The heroes are free to enter the town from either gate. The centaurs are glad to see outsiders come to their town. They welcome the heroes to Y’renlune and describe their current situation with the Heart of Decay briefly. The four-legged guards ask the heroes to kindly take the time to speak to the Council of Roses. They offer to escort them there whenever they are ready.

3. Y’ren River

This river is a vital artery of the El-Unore Reaches. It flows serenely from east to west, its waters mirroring the ever-changing skies above. South of Y’renlune, the bus­tling piers (area 7) host colorful market boats, trading goods, and stories between the fey and travelers. A great variety of colorful fey fish and a plethora of aquatic flora inhabit the bright, blue waters of the Y’ren River.

4. The Bubbling Shroom

An enchanting structure shaped like a cluster of glow­ing mushrooms. Its cap-like roofs emit a soft, biolu­minescent light, casting a warm, inviting glow. Inside, the air is filled with the comforting scent of spiced mead and the sound of lively music, making it a cozy refuge for weary travelers and merry locals alike.

The heroes meet Eldrin Thistlenook (druid) here. He is a sprightly gnome herbalist known for his profound knowledge of the Feywild’s flora. Eldrin is rumored to have once studied the rare plants that thrive around the corrupted sites. The gnome offers his help. As long as the heroes promise to protect and respect the land, he shall tag along and accompany them in their mission.

5. Uari’s Apothecary

Remedies, medicine, salves, and potions can be bought here. A fairy named Uari greets all customers with a wide smile and tiny magical fireworks. This shop has 50% more magical items than the usual store due to the presence of fey creatures and their ancient craft.

6. Frogfolk Farms

The frogs’ territory sprawls across lush, verdant wet­lands, a patchwork of rice paddies, and boggy fields teeming with vibrant life. Here, the frogfolk cultivate an array of aquatic plants and fungi. The farms are tended by Croaker Nettleback, a wise and jovial awakened giant frog who specializes in medicinal marsh herbs.

  • Ally. If the characters inform Croaker Nettleback of their intention to help the people of Y’renlune, the farm­er summons two giant frogs to assist the heroes.

7. The Piers

The maritime section of the town stretches along the tranquil banks of the Y’ren River, bustling with the vi­brant chaos of market life. Here, boats of all shapes and sizes, adorned with colorful flags and lanterns, bob gen­tly in the water. The air is filled with the mingling scents of fresh fish, spices, and the perfumes of distant lands, drawing a diverse crowd of locals and travelers alike.

8. General Store

A quaint, ivy-draped building with a warm, inviting glow from its windows, offers a curious assortment of goods from both fey and human craftsmanship.

The shop is run by Mira Willowbend, a resourceful half-elf of sharp wit and extensive knowledge of magical and mundane items. The store features a beautiful stock of items that emphasize the varied cultures in town.

9. Stargazers Club

The group of astronomy lovers enjoy gathering every week to admire the stars and the night sky at the top of a local grassy hill. This tranquil haven attracts astrono­mers and dreamers, who gather under the guidance of the wise elf, Celadon Starweaver. The club composes po­ems and songs, but they also aim to unlock the secrets of the stars and their influence on the magical world.

10. Y’renlune Academy

The fey academy, nestled near the enchanting Palace of Roses, is a sprawling campus woven among towering ancient trees, each trunk broad and strong, serving as both classroom and barracks. This prestigious institu­tion is dedicated to training the next generation of fey guardians, where brave souls learn the arts of combat, magic, and stewardship of the natural world.

  • Battle of Ideas. There are two contrasting, academ­ic figures here: Lirael Moonshadow and Thally Under­bough. The first is an elven archivist who believes the Heart of Decay should be contained and studied for its role in the natural cycle. The latter is a battle-scarred sa­tyr guardian advocating for its destruction, urging the heroes to dismantle its protective arcane structures.

11. Festival Market

This bustling bazaar, a fleeting wonder that captures the spirit of the community, is only available during local events. The current situation has this area shut down.

12. Chapel of Roses

This is a serene sanctuary enveloped in blooming roses of every hue, their perfume heavy in the air.

Sister Aliria, a gentle satyr priestess, asks for the heroes’ help. They have run out of violet azaleas, which only grow at Stargazer Summit, some miles north. They need these to craft healing salves, potions, and unguents.

  • The Petals. A good tracker finds the flowers in less than a day (DC 14 Survival). On a fail, the heroes find the flowers too but not before encountering a pack of 2d4 wolves. Sister Aliria cannot stop smiling if the heroes succeed. She also gifts them a potion of heroism, a pair of bracers of archery, and a periapt of health.

13. Rami’s Fungal Grove

Owned by Rami, a quirky gnome mycologist, this grove is a research area for rare and medicinal mushrooms. Visitors often seek the potent poultices or potions craft­ed from his extensive collection of fungal specimens.

14. Spice Market

A vibrant tapestry of aromas and colors where vendors from various realms gather to sell exotic spices that tan­talize the senses. Bustling stalls overflow with sacks of pungent herbs, rare seasonings, and colorful powders.

15. Palace of Roses

An architectural marvel intertwined with colorful roses that cascade over its walls and archways.

Despite their division (see Opposing Views), the eight members of the Council of Roses agree that something must be done. Witness Eeranthi, the centaur ruler of Y’renlune, is backed by the fey community to ally with outsiders. The heroes are informed that the Heart is cur­rently impenetrable, protected by a powerful, arcane bar­rier. Fey creatures are more vulnerable to the Heart’s cor­ruption; it is counterproductive for the council to send their best fey warriors to certain death. So, they beg the heroes to seek the wisdom of the seers in Satyr Grove. They must know how to fight this corruption.

Opposing Views

The two academics reflect in a smaller proportion the same struggle that occurs within the Council of Roses. Assisting Lirael risks antagonizing those who fear the Heart’s dark influence, while aiding Thally could alienate those who see value in its preservation.

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