755 Petalfoot Deities

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Secrets of the cosmos lay hidden in petals of stone. In their silent vigil, the Eladrin watch over lands where magic weaves the tapestry of fate.

History of the Eladrin, Vol. II

In El-Unore Reaches, eight grand statues of ancient elves called Eladrin flank the road to­ward Satyr Grove, just on the outskirts of the forest. Thousands of petals bloomed from the containers by the statues’ feet. The wind made it its job to form a beautiful, multicolored petal bed.

The statues’ sudden change coincided with the emer­gence of the Heart of Decay, the blooming and withering flower corrupting the land. The link between the statues and the heart is unknown, or perhaps nonexistent.

The Petalfoot Deities may prove useful for foreigners wishing to help; exploring Eladrin’s history and their an­cient magic may give the characters insight or an arcane blessing to help them in their future quests. Still, the Heart of Decay’s influence on the land has also affected the sacred flowers and petals under the statues.

Getting There

The Eladrin idols stand at the center of El-Unore Reach­es. The divine and watchful eyes of the Eladrin guard the fey-inhabited region from here, or so the fey historians claim. The statues are found East of Y’renlune, the large fey town, and have become a popular landmark.

The eight Eladrin flank the main road, which is the saf­est path to reach Satyr Grove; travelers going there, or heroes who wish to investigate the Heart of Decay and try to help must pass by the cyclopean effigies.

Level 2 Encounter

  • During the Day. The sun shines brightly and the sky is clear. This changes when the heroes are within 300 feet of the statues. From there, the closer they get, the more cloudy it gets. When they arrive, heavy rain hits the entire area. Checks to hear or see have disadvantage.
  • During the Night. A similar phenomenon occurs the closer the heroes get to the statues. But instead of clouds and rain, heavy mist and the howls of wolves come. The mist obscures all moonlight. Movement and visibility are reduced by half. At a random moment, while the charac­ters cross, 2d4 wolves emerge from the woods to attack.


The weather reacts to the characters’ approach regard­less of the time of the day (see above). Even if they at­tempt to hurry through, the task may not be so simple: the petals at the statues’ feet have become corrupted by the Heart of Decay. The fearless plant monsters chase the characters into the forest if they flee.

 RUMORS d6 Details
1 Many elves and other fey creatures are worried. They have all gathered strength in a specific belief: they insist that if all petals from the statues are gathered, they shall unlock the force field surrounding the Heart of Decay and weaken its core.
2 It is whispered that the statues’ eyes glow faintly under the light of a blood moon, watching those who dare approach.
3 Local folklore suggests that the Heart of Decay was once a divine entity’s heart, cursed to eternal bloom and wither.
4 Elders speak of a hidden chamber beneath the statues, filled with ancient texts that explain their true purpose.
5 When the heroes approach this location, they remember that a bard once sang of a ghostly procession that emerges from the eight elvish statues. All this would occur after the magical blooming. This could be a reference to the Heart of Decay.
6 Some elf sages claim that the petals can heal the gravest of wounds or curse one’s deepest foes, depending on the stars above.


The heroes’ path is impeded by strange tree creatures. Seven bushes made of petals and twigs (violet fungus) come to life. And one evil dryad stands by the eastern­most Eladrin statues, orchestrating the attack.

The monster plants fight until slain. They take double damage from fire sources but there is a 5-in-6 chance to start a fire. If this occurs, the flames burn all petals and flowers in minutes. The flames do not reach the forest. But the rulers in Satyr Grove shall not be happy when their scouts inform them of what happened here.

Ode of the Idols

After combat, the heroes may read the words carved on the statues. It takes 10 minutes to inspect all eight idols. A beautiful poem hides in the inscriptions. If the garden was not burned, saying the poem out loud grants the he­roes a magical advantage on their next save. A blessing that allows them to retrieve petals with no setbacks.

The Petals

The thousands of petals are unlike any other. They seem to grow from the vases at the feet of each statue. Their colors span the spectrum, from velvety purples to vibrant blues, fiery oranges, and gentle pinks. The edges of the petals are delicately fringed, giving them a soft, feath­er-like appearance as if crafted by a celestial artist.

  • Hidden Properties. The petals work like a potion of healing when placed on a wound. A petal of each col­or must be spent. Each hero may grab a dose of these healing petals if they recited the Elvish poem (see The Six Idols). A curse affects those that grab more than one dose, or retrieve petals without the Elvish blessing. This gives them disadvantage on their next check.

Toward the Forest

The characters leave this area and think about their next objective. They may not know it yet, but receiving the Eladrin’s blessing (see Ode of the Idols) may be crucial in their quest to destroy the Heart of Decay.

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