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“The seers have foreseen an era of decay and rot but I believe we can stop it. Please help us save our realm from this accursed energy from the Feywild.”

Eeranthi, Witness of Y’renlune

Home to all manner of fey beings and wood­land creatures, El-Unore Reaches is an idyl­lic realm ruled by elves and satyrs. Despite the several fey settlements in the region, the largest being Y’renlune and Satyr Grove, there is no cen­tral government. Contrary to other humanoid-based set­tlements, the towns in El-Unore Reaches coexist without struggles for control or the power grasps of politicians.

The Heart of Decay

After decades of peace and thriving growth, El-Un­ore Reaches is in dire danger. In the depths of the north­ern forest, an eldritch portal into the Feywild has opened. Through it grows an enormous flower that embodies rot and decay. The locals gave it a name: the Heart of De­cay. It blooms each morning and releases a cloud of pow­der that causes nearby vegetation and creatures to suffer and die. A large portion of the forest has already with­ered due to this strange apparition. Most worrying is that the rot appears to affect fey creatures more than any oth­er humanoid ancestries. This ties the locals’ hands as no one knows what to do or how to deal with this problem.

The damage remains a contained issue but it steadily advances. It is rumored that the fey seers in Satyr Grove have inferred the existence of three temples of power in the land. They lay dormant for thousands of years but something within them awoke soon before the flower of rot appeared. Some believe the arcane temples can be used to revert the current cycle of death but others think that the cycle of life, rot, and rebirth is an inevitable part of life and should not be interfered with. Alas, it is a great opportunity for an adventuring party to earn renown, glo­ry, and the friendship of the fey in El-Unore Reaches.

 Level 1-4 Region

  • Roads. All paths are well-trodden as caravan trade is prevalent among settlements. Most locations in El-Un­ore Reaches can be reached within a day of travel.
  • The Rot. Each day, at dawn, there is a 2-in-6 chance that the Heart of Decay blooms. It spreads a fine pow­dery substance that dries and rots whatever it touches after enough exposure. Creatures exposed to it suffer from coughing (DC 14 Constitution); some fey beings suffer from seizures after 5 days of continued exposure.
  • Encounters. Roll 1d8 for a Road Encounter when the characters travel to a new area. Roll twice if the char­acters avoid the main road or travel during the night.

Road Encounters

El-Unore Reaches has no constable or local guard. Its roads are not safe. These events may occur:

  1. Four thugs emerge to rob the characters.
  2. Two satyrs travel to Satyr Grove looking for safety.
  3. The Heart of Decay blooms unexpectedly.
  4. A storm breaks out. DC 14 Survival to find shelter or lose a pack animal or a random item to a flood.
  5. A centaur They wish to visit the Heart of Decay and find a way into its wretched depths.
  6. Four suspicious elves One of them believes outsiders are to blame for current events.
  7. A troll obstructs the road. The tall being charges 10 sp per creature. Otherwise, the troll attacks!
  8. An owlbear prowls nearby. The party may flee unseen if they are stealthy enough (DC 13 Stealth).
 RUMORS d6 Details
1 People speak of strange night sights atop Stargazer Summit. There is an ancient, arcane observatory there.
2 The eight statues of the Petalfoot Deities, east of Y’renlune, have awoken after 75 years of dormancy. Travelers speak of the thick bed of petals and leaves on the road to Satyr Grove. No one knows what caused this strange development.
3 People are scared of traveling to Satyr Grove as the road there passes near the Heart of Decay. Scouts report that the enormous flower cannot be reached. A strange force field impedes passage. Scholars are at a loss about how to deal with this magic.
4 Rumor has it that the Witness of Satyr Grove (ruling figure), is summoning mercenaries and sellswords from abroad.
5 An old legend recounts a cycle of life, rot, and rebirth. It says it cannot be escaped and it is part of life itself; like night and day.
6 Some think the ancient, shunned Tomb of the Fey Knights has to do with the present affairs. Scholars are unsure about this.


Outsiders believe that Y’renlune is the capital of El-Un­ore Reaches only because it is the largest settlement. In reality, Y’renlune has less influence than the smaller Sa­tyr Grove. All in all, Y’renlune is a sprawling settlement mostly inhabited by elves, fairies, frog-folk, awakened an­imals, and other creatures of fey ancestries. Non-fey hu­manoids are the smallest demographic in Y’renlune.

Due to its distance from the Heart of Decay, the locals are still in a state of denial or indifference about the grav­ity of the region’s situation. All talk about it but few tru­ly care. The town’s leadership, on the contrary, has re­ceived troubling reports from Satyr Grove and is on the lookout for adventurers from abroad. Due to their resis­tance to the rot, non-fey adventurers are now coveted as­sets that town leaders and factions desire. The ruler of Y’renlune is Witness Eeranthi, a stargazer centaur. They hold court at the Palace of Roses and may even concede an audience to starting adventurers as they are in dire need to send a message back to Satyr Grove.

Petalfoot Deities

Eight behemoth statues of hooded, elf-like beings flank the eastern road. Following the course of indecipherable astral movements and configurations, the empty vessels at their feet produce flower petals that dance in the wind, carpeting the scene in many colors. After 5 years of dor­mancy, the effigies became active and created a marvel­ous carpet of petals when the Heart of Decay awoke.

Stargazer Summit

North of the small farming hamlet, Twin Oaks, there is a druidic observatory on a hilltop. At the Stargazer Sum­mit, as colloquially known by the locals, there are five marble monoliths arranged circularly around a rune-scribed circle. Scholars have written countless papers on how the monoliths are aligned with the stars and con­stellations. Astronomers often visit this site to make ob­servations with the monolith’s precise markings. How­ever, strange, northern lights have been spotted at night from the nearby town. Two scholars in Twin Oaks, Nolan and Harlen, think it is dangerous to climb to the summit.

The Three Temples

Three relics of unfathomable power are hidden in the locations outlined below. Their influence has brought forth the cycle of decay that assails El-Unore Reaches. Visiting each temple and removing the arcane orb hidden within is necessary to lift the force field in the Heart of Decay and access the dungeon underneath.

Temple of the Wild

In the depths of this underground compound lies a strange orb that contains the entrapped souls of ten thousand creatures. Their lives were extinguished to fill the orb with untold power. Legend has it that the Orb of the Wild embodies the raw strength of life and growth.

Temple of the Rot

Hidden in the south hills, this ancient temple houses the Orb of Rot. A cursed device that pours a life-ending flu­id and can smother any living form. Scholars visited this place a decade ago. Half of the researchers perished and the place has been shunned by everyone ever since.

Temple of the Rebirth

In the forested region north of the small hamlet, Lillies’ Pass, lies the resting place of the Orb of Rebirth. Legend has it that an elvish princess shed a tear for her dying sibling after a battle in the Feywild. Her tear solidified and became the fabled orb. It has the power to return to life to any deceased creature. This artifact can be used to revive a lost party member or an important NPC. In ad­dition, after removing the three orbs, the characters may approach the Heart of Decay and find the truth about the cycle of rot and life (see The Three Temples above).

Tomb of Fey Knights

A war that sprawled across planes was waged eons ago. After it ended, valiant fey knights who gave their lives to the cause were interred here. It is a testament to the great honor that the fey factions place on the ultimate sacrifice. This dungeon has no connection with the Heart of Decay but the characters may learn important magic and acquire powerful magic items herein.

Satyr Grove

In the depths of the northern forest, satyrs and centaurs built a marvelous place known as Satyr Grove. It is a place of solitude, meditation, and arcane connection. The fey seers and stargazers are respected for the accu­racy of their readings and their wisdom. The seers have interpreted a message in the stars and inferred that the three temples are connected with the Heart of Decay. Due to the fey-affecting rot, they summon mercenaries and adventurers. Their task is to visit these locations to find out how to reverse the cycle of rot in the forest.

Heart of Decay

The strange flower of the Feywild blooms and withers every few days. Strange, tentacle-like connections in its core lead down into the veins of the earth. Nothing more is known as the impregnable force field impedes passage. When the characters finally remove the three orbs of power and come here, they shall find an ineffable, half-living compound underneath the rotting bloom. The truth about the Heart of Decay can be found here. It is a grandiose challenge for the adventurers who shall carve their place in the world and their reputation if they man­age to succeed. Renown and glory shall be attained…

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