717 Pond of Unfulfilled Dreams

“In the heart of winter’s embrace, the Yuletide Crypts awaken, a labyrinth of dreams and dangers, where wishes are weighed against the soul’s silent truths.”

Old Saying

People usually reignite their spark of motiva­tion and ambition at the end of each year. It is during this time of hope and festivities when the common folk gaze at the stars and wish for better times, more fortune, or health. And there is a place that could make their dreams come true.

The Yuletide Crypts

In the realm of Eyrandel, there lies a forgotten place known only as the Yuletide Crypts. The legend claims that a pond lies within this dun­geon, which emerges from the fabric of reali­ty only during the fleeting end-of-the-year holidays. This arcane phenomenon is tied to the celestial alignment that occurs once every year, as the veil between worlds thins, allowing passage to this enigmatic place.

The Magical Pond

The Yuletide Crypts are home to an incredible ar­tifact. It is called the Pond of Unfulfilled Dreams. The water exudes an aura of serenity, a stark contrast to the perilous journey that leads toward it. In the heart of the crypt, the bravest of souls face their moment of reckon­ing. They are invited to gaze into the mystical pond, but with each gaze, they risk everything. For the pond does not simply grant wishes; it delves into the soul, and it punishes those with greedy hearts and selfish wishes. The pond stands as a testament to the enduring human quest for fulfillment, a place where dreams can be real­ized or broken, and where the very essence of one’s be­ing is laid bare under the watchful gaze of destiny.

Adventure Hooks

  • Fulfilling Dream. The Yuletide Crypts prophecy has spread across lands, drawing heroes seeking to fulfill their dreams or mend the errors of their pasts. A wealthy seer named Wilford Gapp hires a group of heroes to es­cort him to this remote place (1,500 gp, 7 XP).
  • Heirloom of Power. Legends whisper of a mighty ar­tifact, believed to have been lost in the depths of the Pond of Unfulfilled Dreams’ magical waters. Said to bestow immense power upon its holder, this relic lures adventur­ers and treasure seekers, eager to brave the crypt’s perils for a chance to claim the powerful relic (0 XP).

Yuletide Snowflakes

Within the crypt, snowflakes drift gently from unseen sources, never settling, each carrying the faint whispers of past adventurers. These snowflakes are said to be manifestations of the crypt’s consciousness, guiding or misleading travelers based on their intentions.

Level 6 Adventure

  • Danger. Risky. Check for a Random Event every 2 crawling rounds and after loud noises (4-in-6 chance).
  • Luminous Fauna. Besides a few braziers, there are rare, bio-luminescent flora and fauna, unique to the Yule­tide Crypts. They illuminate some areas with an other­worldly glow. Glowing mosses and small, spectral crea­tures flit through the air, adding an aura of wonder to this place. Denizens of the dungeon are dark-adapted.
1 A hidden alcove suddenly illuminates, revealing an ancient tome inscribed with forgotten spells, but guarded by a spectral librar­ian (ghost) demanding a riddle be solved (GM’s choice). The heroes can refuse to participate. A wrong answer angers the ghost.
2 An icy gust sweeps the dungeon, extinguishing light sources. Ethereal voices offer cryptic guidance and misleading whispers.
3 The characters enter the domain of a swarm of centipedes. The insects flee when reduced to half their Hit Points.
4 A mirage of a grand feast appears, tempting adventurers with restorative delicacies (DC 13 WIS), but those who partake take 1d4 WIS damage and experience horrible nightmares for 1 crawling round. Magical healing removes this effect.
5 An adventurer’s ghost warns the heroes and says: “Be careful what you wish for, I paid the consequences…” before vanishing.
6 In an unexpected turn of events, it starts to snow. The dungeon is covered in 2 inches of snow in a matter of minutes.

1. Acid Pool

A pool of virulent acid emits a noxious vapor, its sur­face shimmering with a sickly green hue. The stone around its edge tells a tale of its corrosive power.

The characters must cross the 20-foot-long pool. Touch­ing the acid burns the skin (1 damage). Getting sub­merged in the viscous liquid is lethal (1d10 damage per round). Jumping across is not easy (DC 15 STR).

2. Sphere of Truth

The Sphere of Truth is a steel orb that floats serenely above a stone pedestal, radiating a soft, pulsating light. This revered artifact hums with a mystical ener­gy that beckons the curious and the brave.

This ancient artifact can be used once per day. A sentient creature only needs to place their hands on it, close their eyes, and ask a question. The GM is free to decide if this information is clear, mysterious, or hard to understand. Removing the artifact from its place renders it useless.

3. Defense Mechanisms

The acid here is similar to the one in area 1. Walking by the pool’s edge triggers the axe traps on the walls. They deal 1d8 damage (DC 13 DEX for half). The jets expel fire frequently enough but leave a couple of seconds of rest between each flame stream. Creatures in the fire’s path take 1d10 damage (DC 14 DEX for half).

4. Secret Passage

If the characters spot the loose brick in area 3, they find this passageway (DC 14 WIS). Pressing this brick causes a section of the wall to slide aside and reveal this room.

5. Chamber of Death

This perilous chamber, a labyrinthine network of traps and snares, is a daunting test of agility and wit. The air is thick with tension, as each movement must be calculated to navigate through the deadly gauntlet.

This area features two spiked pits that must be jumped across to reach either one of the two exits. However, three devious traps lie in wait, suddenly unleashing a fe­rocious burst of flame upon unsuspecting jumpers.

To cross this area, the characters must successfully jump the 5-foot-wide pits (DC 11 STR). On a fail, they only manage to grab the far end’s edge. If they fail by 5 or more, they get impaled below. Plus, they must time their jump (DC 12 INT). On a fail here, they jump the distance but they do not avoid getting burned by the flame jets. The heroes do not have to bypass these traps but it is the only way to reach the treasure chest by the north wall.

  • The heroes must jump across 10-foot-long pools of acid to find the stairs that descend to area 7. This acid works the same way as the one in area 1.
  • Treasure (6 XP). The chest contains 400 gp, a bag of holding, and a wooden case with four potions of healing.

6. Secret Vault

An almost invisible lever lies by the stair’s landing (DC 14 WIS). Pulling it reveals this treasure chamber.

  • Treasure (8 XP). There are 1,200 gp, two griffon eggs (40 gp each), a mithral shield (80 gp), and a dragon­bone crossbow carved as a roaring dragon (55 gp).

7. Statue of Ord

In stark contrast to the Yuletide Crypt’s perilous na­ture, this chamber exudes a tranquil aura, resembling a sacred meditation space with polished wooden benches arranged in contemplative silence.

At the far end stands a majestic statue of Ord, the Wise, the Secret Keeper. Its benevolent gaze casts a calming influence over the room illuminated by two braziers.

  • The statue comes to life (stone golem) and fights until it is reduced to half its Hit Points. The massive gate to area 8 opens only after it is defeated.

8. Locked Studio

Nestled within the dungeon’s passages, a small work­space emerges, its surfaces cluttered with artisan tools, half-finished contraptions, and scattered blueprints.

9. Arcane Defenses East

Automated crossbows, fire traps, and a puzzle are scat­tered across this large chamber divided into four sec­tions (areas 9 and 10). The fire jets work in the same way as the ones in area 3. The crossbows can turn 45 de­grees in each direction. They shoot bolts at any creature before them: Attack +4 (1d6). They reload every minute.

10. Arcane Defenses West

There is a total of 12 tiles with runes carved on them. Pressing them in the correct order unlocks the final chamber of the dungeon (area 11). A clever character identifies the rune sequence that must be followed to solve the riddle and open the doors (DC 13 INT check).

  • Bypass. A thief may attempt to disarm the traps and force the mechanic locks (DC 14 DEX check). One check is enough for all three panels (see map). But the thief must be close to all of them. This takes 1 crawling round.

11. Pond of Unfulfilled Dreams

This hallowed sanctum is bathed in an ethereal glow, its source seemingly the shimmering waters of the pond it­self. The walls are adorned with murals depicting scenes of joy, sorrow, and wishes granted or denied.


  • Fulfilling Dream. The pond has the power to grant one wish. Wilford Gapp makes it to the end of the dun­geon. The man rushes, stares at the water, and wishes for wealth, riches, women, immortality, and whatnot. The Yuletide Crypts do not tolerate selfish, self-centered souls. Wilford screams as his body becomes a gibbering mouther. The monster fights until slain. If the heroes make a wish, the GM is the sole judge of the outcome.
  • Heirloom of Power. The characters’ objective is the Pearl of Power that rests at the pond’s bottom. However, touching this mystical water is forbidden. Getting in con­tact with it summons the ire of three invisible stalkers. The immortal guardians protect the pearl at all costs.

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