717 Pond of Unfulfilled Dreams

“In the heart of winter’s embrace, the Yuletide Crypts awaken, a labyrinth of dreams and dangers, where wishes are weighed against the soul’s silent truths.”

Old Saying

People usually reignite their spark of motiva­tion and ambition at the end of each year. It is during this time of hope and festivities when the common folk gaze at the stars and wish for better times, more fortune, or health. And there is a place that could make their dreams come true.

The Yuletide Crypts

In the realm of Eyrandel, there lies a forgotten place known only as the Yuletide Crypts. The legend claims that a pond lies within this dun­geon, which emerges from the fabric of reali­ty only during the fleeting end-of-the-year holidays. This arcane phenomenon is tied to the celestial alignment that occurs once every year, as the veil between worlds thins, allowing passage to this enigmatic place.

The Magical Pond

The Yuletide Crypts are home to an incredible ar­tifact. It is called the Pond of Unfulfilled Dreams. The water exudes an aura of serenity, a stark contrast to the perilous journey that leads toward it. In the heart of the crypt, the bravest of souls face their moment of reckon­ing. They are invited to gaze into the mystical pond, but with each gaze, they risk everything. For the pond does not simply grant wishes; it delves into the soul, and it punishes those with greedy hearts and selfish wishes. The pond stands as a testament to the enduring human quest for fulfillment, a place where dreams can be real­ized or broken, and where the very essence of one’s be­ing is laid bare under the watchful gaze of destiny.


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