716 The Goblin Gate – Lv6 Shadowdark Adventure

Through the Goblin Gate, past shadows of time and stone, lies the echo of a forgotten goblinoid world and culture, waiting to be rediscovered.

Eroded Inscription

Within the shadowed depths of the Eldergrove Forest lies a mysterious cave. The home to the Goblin Gate. This arcane relic, as old as the hills that cradle it, stands as a testament to a time long forgotten, where magic flowed as freely as the rivers of the world. Its structure is a marvel of intricate craftsmanship, wrought in a time when goblins were not mere scavengers but master artisans and cunning sor­cerers. The stone, dark and impossibly smooth, seems to absorb all light, creating an aura of palpable mystique. According to legend, the gate serves as a threshold to twin chambers that hold arcane secrets and dangers.

The Twin Chambers

While identical in their design, the energies that stir within both chambers are as different as night and day.

  • The Mirror of Ages. In the east chamber, time flows like a malleable stream, allowing glimpses into the past and potential futures. Heroes shall experience visions of ancient goblin ceremonies, forgotten wars, or even their fates. The air in this chamber is charged with a sense of timelessness, and the stone underfoot feels unnaturally cold, as if absorbing the chill of the ages.
  • Crucible of Elements. Goblins harnessed the raw forces of nature here. The very elements seem to dance at the whim of those with the knowledge to command them. The atmosphere is alive with a palpable energy.

Together, these twin chambers beyond the Goblin Gate stand as a monument to the goblins’ mastery over time and the elements, their secrets guarded by the passage of centuries and the wiles of their ancient magic.


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