715 The Flooded Halls of Cerberus – Lv6 Shadowdark Adventure

In the silent depths where ancient forgotten secrets slumber, the whispered echoes of the past ripple across time’s endless currents and tide…

Elvish Adage

In the shadowed depths of the Azure Sea lies a submerged place of ancient and mysterious origin, known as the Flooded Halls of Cerbe­rus. This underwater dungeon, a labyrinth of caverns and dilapidated chambers, has borne witness to the relentless passage of time, its walls worn and smoothed by the ceaseless caress of seawater.

Within, the Flooded Halls unravel like a serpentine maze, a network of caverns and corridors, where the boundaries between natural formation and crafted archi­tecture blur. The walls of these chambers are encrust­ed with barnacles and coral, and luminescent algae cast an eerie, undulating glow, revealing faded murals and in­scriptions of a lost civilization. These scenes depict a so­ciety that once harmonized with the sea, worshiping dei­ties of the deep and mastering forgotten aquatic magics.

Spectral Sentinels

The Echoing Vaults hold the remains of those who served this temple. They are lined with stone sarcoph­agi, each bearing the effigy of its occupant. The guard­ians of this sacred necropolis are the Spectral Sentinels, ethereal apparitions that drift through the water, their eyes aglow with a ghostly light, eternally vigilant.

The dangers within the Flooded Halls of Cerberus are as numerous as its mysteries. From the treacherous cur­rents that swirl through its passageways to the ancient traps and arcane wards still active after centuries. But it is said that hidden within its confines are treasures and secrets of the old sea magic, waiting to be rediscovered by those daring enough to plunge into its depths.


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