714 Great Hall of Containment – Lv5 Shadowdark Adventure

Deep beneath the earth, where the roots of moun­tains intertwine with the fabric of forgotten ages, lies the Great Hall of Containment. Shrouded in enigma and accessible only through the art of teleportation, the vault is a testament to ancient magics long gone.

The dungeon remains hidden from the mundane world. Its location is a closely guarded secret, known only to a select few who have mastered the intricate pat­terns of teleportation magic. This method of access en­sures that the vault remains untouched by trespassers.

The entrance to the Great Hall is sealed by a massive door, crafted from an alloy of mithral and obsidian. This door is locked by an elaborate mechanism that involves four arcane devices, each embodying a unique aspect of the elemental planes. These intricate clockwork con­structs require semi-simultaneous operation. Beyond this gate lies a remarkable feature – a serene pond filled with a shimmering, iridescent, alchemical oil. This mys­tical liquid, a rare concoction of alchemists and spell­weavers from a bygone era, possesses the extraordinary ability to contain sentient souls and living-spells within its depths. The oil’s surface mirrors the cosmos.

Many legends surround the Great Hall of Containment, tales of ambitious mages and daring adventurers who sought the hall’s secrets, only to be lost in its depths or overcome by the fearsome guardians that guard it.

Adventure Hook

Preventing Disaster. Magister Elarion, a respected figure in the arcane community, has been troubled by recurring prophetic dreams. These visions depict the Great Hall of Containment, a legendary and nearly for­gotten vault said to house a pond of alchemical oil. The oil has been used as a prison for souls and out-of-control living-spells. In his dreams, a build-up of arcane energy looms imminent, threatening to unleash the pond’s con­tained horrors upon the world. The magister hires the characters due to their reputation. They must teleport to the dungeon at once; the magister procures the rune sequence for this spell. The characters must investigate the source of this build-up, neutralize it, and re-seal the Great Hall of Containment so that it lies dormant again. If possible, it should be stable forever (3 XP, 1,400 gp).


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