713 Abode of the Dying Sun – Lv2 Shadowdark Adventure

Thus, the Abode of the Dying Sun is a place of ancient mysteries and dark rituals, a desert beacon for those brave or foolish enough to seek its secrets.

Elvish Adage

In the heart of the Shimmering Sands, where the sun’s relentless gaze scorches the earth and the mirages dance with the winds, lies the Abode of the Dying Sun. The temple is a mere shadow of its once glorious self. It stands as a tes­tament to the ever-shifting sands of time and faith.

Eons ago, when the desert was a blooming oasis, the Abode of the Dying Sun was erected in veneration of ethereal beings believed to be the guardians of the sands and the givers of life. They are axolotl spirits. These small gods, as whimsical as the desert breeze, were re­vered by the Sand Whisperers, a now-forgotten civili­zation. The temple, crafted from sun-baked bricks and adorned with intricate glass mosaics, served as a con­duit between the mortal realm and the axolotl’s ethereal plane. In art form, these spirits are depicted as lumines­cent axolotls, each a custodian of an element of the des­ert ecosystem. They were worshiped through rituals that celebrate the harmony of life, water, and sand.

Children of the Scorching Ray

In recent times, the temple found new inhabitants. A mysterious, sun-worshiping cult in its most brutal form, took residence within the abandoned halls. They are known as the Children of the Scorching Ray, a group that venerates the harshness of the desert and the relent­less sun above. They believe the sun is dying, its light a symbol of fleeting life and impending doom. The cult has sealed many sections of the temple, but rumors speak of ancient chambers beneath the sands, where the axolotl spirits still linger, awaiting the return of true believers.


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