712 Cursed Gems of Ramlaat – Lv2 Shadowdark Adventure

The bane of mages, they call them. The seven gemstones contain a figment of the Pillager’s rage. They promise power but at an unattainable, ruinous cost…

Eroded Inscription

In the ancient, whispered annals of the Sha­dowdark, the Cursed Gems of Ramlaat hold a notorious place. Legend tells that Ramlaat, a deity shrouded in mystery and darkness, once walked the realms of mortals. Displeased with the burgeoning arrogance of human sorcerers, Ramlaat sought to teach them a lesson in humility and fear. The deity forged seven gems, each imbued with a fragment of Ramlaat’s shadowy essence. These gems were gifts to the sorcerers, veiled in benevolence but cursed with in­sidious, corrupting power. Over time, the sorcerers were driven mad, their realms collapsing into chaos and ruin.

Resting Place

Beneath the murky waters of the Fevermist Swamp lies the final resting place of these accursed relics. It was once a grand temple dedicated to Ramlaat but now stands dilapidated, its glory lost to time and neglect. It is a twisted labyrinth, its chambers connected by narrow, treacherous passages. What makes it uniquely perilous are the lava canals that snake through its chambers. These molten rivers emit a hellish, eerie glow.

At the heart of the dungeon lies the Sanctum of Fire, a vast chamber dominated by a deep lava pond. In a stone pedestal among the lava rests a gilded goblet, eternal­ly wreathed in ghostly flames. The cursed goblet is said to be as old as Ramlaat itself. It cradles the seven gems, their malevolent aura palpable even from a distance. Many have sought Ramlaat’s favor in the past by attempt­ing to wield the gem’s power. Alas, they lost their sanity and identity and became slaves of the dark deity.


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