718 The Valthornes’ Wish

They came from the woods near the cemetery. I heard a man say they roam an unmarked mausoleum. What cursed souls must be interred therein?

Concerned Merchant

In the somber shadows of the old Ebonwood Cemetery, shrouded by gnarled trees and per­petual mist, lies an ancient mausoleum. Its presence is an enigma, its origins lost to time and deliberate erasure. The weathered stone structure, adorned with faded, unrecognizable heraldry, stands as a silent memento of a family’s eternal damnation.

Centuries ago, the mausoleum was erected to house the remains of the Valthorne family, a once-noble lineage that fell from grace due to unspeakable crimes. Their transgressions were so heinous that the ruling powers decreed their existence be stricken from all records; their memory erased from history. The Valthorne name was to be forgotten, and with it, the souls entombed with­in the accursed mausoleum. The few remaining relatives changed their names and step away from their heritage.

Current Events

After a century of obscurity and silence, a malevo­lent force awakened within the crypt. The spirits of the Valthorne family, consumed by rage and a yearning for recognition, have begun to lash out. Spectral appari­tions and undead manifestations plague the nearby set­tlements and roads, sowing chaos and fear. The locals, though aware of the source, are unable to quell the un­rest. The decrepit mausoleum from whence the undead come is quizzical in that no records in the region men­tion it. No one knows who it belongs to or who is bur­ied within. According to scholars, there is no other site of burial of its size that defies recognition. Despite the strange mystery, something must be done soon about the merciless undead attacks that scourge the area.

Adventure Hooks

  • A Cry for Help. There have been recent reports of un­restful spirits. Brave adventurers are needed to investi­gate the source of these disturbances. This quest is sanc­tioned by the local governance who also offers a hefty reward to inspire more sellswords to act (100 gp, 3 XP).
  • The Scholar’s Discovery. An eccentric historian, Dr. Alessan, discovered a document fragment referencing the ‘Erased Lineage,’ sparking interest in uncovering the truth behind the forgotten mausoleum. Alessan wish­es to visit the crypt himself if the characters promise to guard him from the undead creatures. (0 XP).


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