710 Cracking the Vault – Lv3 Shadowdark Adventure

I bequeath my wealth no to one. It was hard to amass it in life and none shall benefit from my hard work. Let this gold stay with me perpetually in death.

From Lord Sasktell’s Will and Testament

The inequalities of life become a struggle, an obstacle that can be surpassed when people understand that a better life can be arranged for one’s children through hard work and per­severance. Social mobility during townsfolk’s lifespans is hardly an attainable goal but children can be set up for better opportunities through inheritance. As such, hard-working families grow richer after generations. Alas, a minute group of individuals suffers such greed that they cannot ever part with their earthly belongings.

Lord Sasktell’s Estate

A man who came from money, Lord Bruno Sasktell en­joyed a lavish life and never wanted for anything. He in­herited a considerable estate comprised of mining sites and jewelry shops. Throughout his life, he amassed even more wealth but grew paranoid of ever being parted with his monetary possessions. He had four children but his psychotic thoughts led him to believe that they too plot­ted his demise. He saw assassination and poisoning at­tempts in mundane gestures and conversations.

Despite his offspring’s reassurances, Lord Sasktell was determined to keep his material possessions safe, even from them. He hired the best architects, masons, and mages to create the most secure vault his money could buy, but it was all done in secrecy. When Lord Sasktell eventually perished from natural causes, his heirs found the mansion’s vault empty. All of the Sasktell’s fortune had been moved to a new vault under the tycoon’s home. The four Sasktell heirs, without access to the family gold, eventually squandered properties, lost their station, and were reduced to poverty after two generations.


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