709 Mausoleum of Cursed Scales – Lv5 Shadowdark Adventure

Do not underestimate an angry witch’s hex. Their primeval curses are persistent. They can even surpass the boundaries stipulated by life and death.

Wise Mages Lore

It was a long time ago when the members of the Gibbs family found themselves before the pointy end of a witch’s wand. When he was younger, Thierry Gibbs met an old lady who promised him wealth and a long healthy life.

That day, he only needed to give her a drop of his blood. The young man was happy to accept after the lady told him she would return for the other part of the payment in 10 years. Then, she would take his firstborn in return, re­gardless of the boy’s age. Thierry laughed because he did not even have a child back then, and he thought he would get away with mischief when the time came.

The Witch’s Part of the Deal

Thierry forgot his meeting with the witch a little af­ter it occurred. The witch came through, though. Thierry possesses incredible health and for some reason or an­other, he has never lacked gold, wealth, or luxuries. He became a father before turning 30. When his child was born he did not even recall having met the witch. But the witch remembered and one day, she returned.


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