707 Doors of Hope and Guilt – LV-8 Shadowdark Adventure

I prefer to know my enemy. Be it a valiant knight, or a demon. Because it is easier when you know whose side they’re on. Neutral hearts are dangerous.

Old Warrior’s Saying

Many believe that everything in the universe can be categorized with one of two labels: evil or good. Wise men and powerful wizards under­stand the world is more complex. Countless individuals are kindhearted and possess honest, good souls. Others prefer chaos and mayhem. Nevertheless, the world is full of neutral examples. Concepts that are part of a gray spectrum and that are hard to judge.

Pushing Boundaries

Hundreds of years ago, a wizard named Yinjan be­came obsessed with the concept of evil and good. He thought all conscious beings ultimately possessed either a kind soul or a rotten heart. He believed that neutral characters and individuals were just weak of mind and unsure of their core beliefs. Thus, he spent his life per­fecting a magical device with one goal in mind: to judge and show everyone’s true face and colors.

It took many years, but he still had some good years in him when he finally built the Doors of Hope and Guilt. His creation is a large chamber within an underground compound. Yinjan lives no more, but his creation shall be always protected by the immortal guardians and de­fense mechanisms he implemented before his death.

The Present Day

The Doors of Hope and Guilt stayed hidden and for­gotten for a long time. But in a world of magic, they were bound to be found sooner or later because of the great power they hold. Alas, not everyone has the prowess or skill to stand before Yinjan’s creation and learn what they seek. Who shall become the next visitor?


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