705 Core of Madness – LV5 Shadowdark Adventure

Blood for the maw. Lives for the Core of Darkness. Let our enemies feed the endless hunger of the great one. Lest it sets its harrowing fury upon us…

Lore of the Deep Ones

The pantheon of deities known to humanoid societies provides ample choice for varied cultures. Many believe that those deities are the only ones in existence. For many, it is so. However, strange, elusive cultures are privy to forgotten knowledge, like the culture of the deep ones. They are cultish, amphibious fish-people. They lurk in deep wa­ter and sunless caverns. The deep ones worship gods whose names have not been uttered by human tongues.

Tentacled Nightmare

Centuries ago, seeking guidance and madness, a deep one priest found a deity’s avatar deep within a flooded cave system. The deep ones built a shrine by the tentacled abomination, to worship it and to commune with the inebriating madness it sires in the fish folk.

The being’s name can be roughly translated as the ‘Core of Madness’. The deep ones often bring captured enemies, mostly merfolks, and sacrifice them in foul ritu­als before the tentacled nightmare. The flooded caverns were cut off from the sea by earthquakes decades ago and can only be accessed by the deep ones with telepor­tation spells. They come less often because of that.


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