704 Throne of Forlorn Desires – LV3 Shadowdark Adventure

It was several hundreds of years ago when vi­olent wars ravaged the lands and destroyed civilization. The dwarven kingdoms of yore are present today in the form of words. The capital’s Great Library contains books, tomes, and his­torical scrolls that spell out all known facts about the an­cient dwarvish clans and their bygone epic rulers.

The Sad King

One of the most popular characters of this lost era was King Kumi from the Jund clan. During the great wars, he was the first to be stripped of his troops, his lands, and his kingdom. And even if in the end, all the dwarves lost and had to move their cities north, Kumi was considered the weakest, and the one who broke their defenses.

Adventure Hook

Treasure. The word in Hillton is that last week’s earth­quake unearthed a cavern near the Rocky Hills, where King Kumi’s people lived. More and more people start to believe the cave could contain great treasures! Furthermore, a couple of mercenary groups have not returned from their expedition trip the day before. This seems like the perfect place for a group of adventurers. The taste for gold and glory shall be their two main motivations.

 RUMORS d4 Details
1 Most people in Hillton believe the dwarves left valuable stuff behind during the wars. And it is most likely to be found underground. Thus, most folk assure there is trea­sure to be found in the recently found caverns.
2 The local priest warns the heroes before they leave. He claims he had a strange vision of a throne. But it was covered in blood and it reeked of death and putrefaction.
3 A historian in town is interested in the newly-revealed cave location. He thinks it could be a long-forgotten buri­al place. But he wants to wait until heroes and mercenar­ies sack the place so it can be safely inspected.
4 Two different groups of mercenaries went to the Rocky Hills to prospect the cave. They have not returned and some people start to think they never will.


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