703 The Archmage’s Vault – LV5 Shadowdark Adventure

Before you lies my wealth and achievements. My name is long forgotten but many shall die failing to imitate my true might. Begone all filthy thieves!

Eroded Inscription

There was once a powerful archmage who sought to learn the secrets of eternal life. His name has been scrubbed from history, and all references to him in records and tomes have been deleted or burned. The elusive figure is referred to only as the dark mage; little is known of him except his search to lengthen his lifespan through magic.

In life, the dark mage explored several roads to immor­tality, unearthing secrets from the vast multiverse. The only sure method he found consisted of stripping his soul from his body, placing it in a magical container, and then letting his body become an undead husk. Alas, the dark mage never had it in him to perform the gruesome ritual. He abandoned his lifelong dream and perished eventually of natural causes. His research, treasure, and remains were moved to a secure vault he devised. Ironi­cally, his spirit was overcome with regret and frustration and became a spirit that haunts the recondite dungeon.

The Scroll

Centuries after the dark mage’s interment. The teleportation scroll to access the vault was found in the crypt of a friend. Since then, brave adventurers have tele­ported there to extract the mage’s treasure. None have succeeded, and only one managed to return. The hol­low-eyed survivor spun tales of dead warriors, deadly trap devices, and the mage’s malevolent spirit.

  • Information. The man scribbled illegible notes on the scroll: a rough map that mentions areas 1, 4, and 6. If a character deciphers the scribbles (DC 13 INT check), they learn of the machinery panel hidden in area 4.


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