702 The Merry Women – Lv2 Shadowdark Adventure

Whenever you hear a child ask: Why does the sun come and go? Do not hesitate to respond: Because there can be no light without darkness.

Old Saying

Many people believe things can be easily divided or categorized into two main domains: good and evil. But life is way more complicated than that. There is always a bit of selfishness in an otherwise kindhearted paladin’s goals. The actions of criminal guild leaders or criminal masterminds often have traces of the strongest determination and courage. Even if their goals seem evil to many, it is just because the one judging has a different worldview.

The Merry Women

In the peaceful town of Edwinstowe, there was a group called “The Merry Women”. These brave gals have the main objective to help the poor. However, their idea of justice is communal in nature. They believe the rich have too much and the poor too little. In their minds, they bring balance to the world by stealing from those who have more and distributing it among those in need.

Most of the people on the receiving end of things agree with the radical group’s philosophy. And some of the wealthy are so filthy rich that they could not care less if their coffers lose some gold. It is nothing but crumbs for them, and these things often come with the status. But of course, Edwinstowe’s authorities are not happy. They have received countless complaints and reports about the women brigands. To make matters worse, the Merry Women’s actions have caused enmity between the social classes. For instance, some of the poor stopped working. They now wait for the women heroes to gift them gold. On the other hand, the rich who lost their patience hired mercenaries to recover their goods from the brigands.


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