700 Trials of the Knightly Tenets – Lv2 Shadowdark Adventure

Only one of pure heart and noble values may wield my sword. You shall have a moment to demonstrate your chivalry. May the heaven bless your valiant souls.

Sir Gawain

Centuries ago, when the Zarv family first con­quered the land and established Zarveck County. There was a valiant knight who fought without fear in gruesome battles to re­take the region from brigands and warchiefs. Sir Gawain was an exemplary knight who lived by the core tenets of chivalry: loyalty, valor, honesty, and selflessness.

Sir Gawain lived to see the fruits of his valiant efforts as Zarveck City was founded and built upon. He perished of old age and was interred in a knightly mausoleum in the southwest fold of the county. The mausoleum is located in a region with rolling hills, irregular terrain, and pre­ternatural mists. Decades after Sir Gawain’s interment, pilgrims were unable to find the crypt. Legends claim it was swallowed by the mists that often cover the coun­ty’s territory. During his life, Sir Gawain wielded a sword that grew with him and became more powerful as he car­ried out his knightly deeds. Sir Gawain’s Blade has be­come a sought-after relic that many wish to retrieve. The legend says this weapon cuts through the darkness and admonishes the virulent abominations spawned from evil magic. But one must be worthy enough to wield it.

Adventure Hook

Explorers and hunters report that an eerie en­trance has appeared in the hills west of Yellowhide. It can be reached only at dawn, the entrance is surround­ed by dense clouds of mist. None of the witnesses dared cross the threshold. They were invaded by a feeling of longing and despair, which made them desist. Charac­ters looking for the legendary weapon and treasure have an incentive to come. They may be the first to arrive.


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