699 Sepulcher of the Zarv Family – Lv4 Shadowdark Adventure

I’ve been wronged! A puppet impostor rules the capital, robbing me of my legacy. All who stand in my way shall know my ire and my endless hate!

Spirit of Eleanor Zarv

In the western reaches of Zarveck County, deep in the forest is a granite mausoleum that appears out of place. It was built by dwarves from a bygone age but the Zarv family repur­posed it as a sepulcher. A place where the Zarv nobles find eternal rest. A place where the Zarvs often pilgrim­age to honor their ancestor. Nine generations have been interred in the sepulcher. The last recorded burial took place three years ago when Count Ellen Zarv, Eleanor’s father, passed away. This is common knowledge.

Alas, something strange is occurring. An undead spirit has arisen in the tomb. She wears a tattered dress, bears a deathly chest wound, and believes herself to be Elea­nor Zarv. She wants to reach the capital but is tied to a funerary urn. Her only hope is to possess a mortal’s body to do so. Fortunately for her, the townsfolk’s dissatisfac­tion with the ruling class might well inspire a few adven­turers to come here to ransack the lavish vault.

What is the Truth?

Past installments mention that Countess Eleanor Zarv, the despotic ruler of Zarveck County, is alive and well in Zarv Palace. However, very few people have seen her during her reign as she rarely gives an audience to outsiders. She is elusive and secretive. Conversely, the ghost in the sepulcher believes herself to be the real Eleanor Zarv, murdered and interred five years ago. Could she be a deluded, wretched, spirit? Could the nobles be hiding something of this importance? Is the countess in the capital an impostor? The GM is welcome to decide which is the truth as the characters learn of it.


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