698 Brighton Hill – Shadowdark Settlement

The Seed of Wisdom belongs to us. It was taken from our village decades ago but it calls to our hearts. It must be retrieved in the same manner it was stolen.

Elvish Envoy

For a long time, Brighton Hill has been the county’s bread basket. The small town is sur­rounded by miles and miles of farmlands and livestock farms. A significant portion of the capital’s food supply comes from this region. The locals are hardworking people who have spent gener­ations perfecting their craft. The town’s landmark is a marvelous sculpture of five jasmine flowers in its center. At night, the stone flowers produce eddies of ethereal light similar to the northern light. They attract glowing insects and produce a heart-warming spectacle that even attracts some tourists from time to time. Brighton Hill owes its name to this magical sculpture.

The Theft

Few know it, but the sculpture was not a glimmering marvel when the town was founded almost a century ago. It all came to be when a daring adventurer delved into the northern forest and infiltrated an elvish settle­ment. Amid the elves’ heart tree, there was a glowing seed that shone with the light of the moon. The human thief killed the guards, stole this gem, and hid it under the flowery statue in Brighton Hill. This is the Seed of Wisdom, a relic that the elves long to retrieve.

For four human generations, the elves ignored the seed’s whereabouts. But they recently learned it is in Brighton Hill. Their culture demands it be retrieved in the same manner: stolen by force. For 2 months, elvish scouts have attacked travelers and tested the town’s de­fenses. The elves are forbidden from communicating but not all of them adhere vehemently to this tradition.


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