697 Crypt of Two Chapels – LV4 Shadowdark Adventure

They were forgotten but they never disappeared. Their names are unknown yet most books speak of them. Even today, some crazy folk venerate them.

Facts about The Lost

Not much is known about the forgotten gods, The Lost. But that does not impede obscure cults from growing and becoming stronger. Despite the absence of names or their fac­es, The Lost are more popular than some pagan deities. And the Land of Zircons is no exception. A double chapel lies hidden in the forest to the south of Zarveck County.

About a decade ago, there was a cult of The Lost. Their leader was from Rivermill. He gathered some followers and would traverse the woods to reach their hideout, a hidden chapel deep in the forest. The cult became a nui­sance and the capital ordered the arrest of everyone in­volved with the forgotten gods. Countess Eleanor was appointed right after the cult was taken care of.

The Present

The current ruler, Eleanor Zarv, decided to dis­avow the Forlorn Guild and increase taxation for adven­turers bringing treasure. As a result, common brigands and thieves are more present than ever. This, in conjunc­tion with the kobold threat, the elves’ rampant attitude, and the increasing menace of an uprising, has created the perfect environment for the cult of The Lost to reap­pear. Their current goal is to regain strength.

The Cult Returns

Theo Artens, a lonely farmer in his fifties, had a dream that changed his life. He experienced a spiritual manifestation of The Lost during the night and became a different person. He woke up as Owen Potter, the former cultist leader. The presence of magic is evident; Owen resisted his arrest and died fighting many years ago. Regardless, the personality and life of the man named Theo are long gone. The man claims his name is Owen, and his only goal is to strengthen the cult. With everything that is going on, he may succeed…


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