696 Zarveck City – Shadowdark Settlement

The peasants shall obey my edicts under penalty of death. Such is the way of the world. I understand my place in it and so shall they. Even if it hurts them…

Countess Eleanor Zarv

People call Zarveck City the Crown of Zircons after the immense wealth that the Zarv family has accumulated from mining operations in the region. The mines produce primarily iron and copper ore, and an endless stream of zircons which are used in foundries, as an alchemical reagent, and as gemstones for jewelry and decor items. People say the ruler, Countess Eleanor Zarv, wears a crown of zircons.

Civil unrest in Zarveck City has become a concern to the authorities due to the high taxes and the strict, op­pressive enforcement of the law. Things are somewhat more calm in the city’s outskirts where farmers enjoy a bit more leniency. But in the city, things are ripe for trouble. People claim the worst about the countess in an attempt to justify her despotic attitude toward the com­mon folk. Alas, few can ever expect to meet her.

The Capital

Zarveck City is a sprawling metropolis of several tens of thousands of people. The capital is a cosmopolitan settlement where citizens of different ancestries, occupations, and demeanors live. If anything can be found in Zarveck County, it can certainly be found here. From personal services, spellcasting for hire, mercenaries, and even illegal activities. The locals have a saying: “A zircon can buy your way into anything you can imagine…” With enough money or influence, the characters can procure anything in Zarveck City.


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