695 Zarveck County – Shadowdark Region

Nobles and merchants all made their fortunes mining zircons. People say the countess wears a dress embedded in hundreds of these tiny, sparkling rocks.

Common Belief

Zarveck County, the Land of Zircons, is a sprawling region that features fertile lands for farming, verdant forests, and some of the richest mines. The rulers and stewards of these lands, the Zarv family, have profited from large mining operations for generations. They are an opulent, decadent lineage of nobility that makes all decisions from their high castle in the capital, Zarveck City.

The current head of the Zarv Family is Countess Elea­nor Zarv. She has been in power for 3 years. Alas, her popularity drops by the day as the conditions of the gen­eral population have decreased significantly during her reign. Kobolds scourge the eastern folds of the county. Elves assail the north near Brighton Hill. And common brigands and masterless warriors roam the lonely roads looking for easy prey. Despite the townsfolk’s demands for increased security, the countess has remained a far­away figure that appears to care little for the lives of commoners and the peasantry. To add insult to injury, the countess has increased taxation and levies since last Spring. Farmers and laborers claim for a revision of these changes as the rate of taxation may be a factor during the following winter. Life has never been harsh­er in Zarveck County. For this reason, many people turn to mercenary work and adventuring. There are plenty of places to explore in the county to find wealth and glory.


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