701 The Zarvs Secret Archive – Lv3 Shadowdark Adventure

I’m not asking you to believe me, I’m asking you to do what’s right! Eleanor Zarv is destroying the county. True blood is the least of the problems here.

Indigo Zarv

Life is hard in the Land of Zircons. Countess Eleanor Zarv has not made it easy for her people to adapt to her new rules and laws. The particular one that forbids mercenary activity within the region has affected many lives. Not only do adventurers lack work. At the same time, villag­ers and farmers cannot solve the problems for which they usually hire external help. Giant rats in a cellar of­ten represent easy gold for a would-be hero, but such a thing is too dangerous for the commonfolk to solve.

Unrest in the Capital

Zarveck City has been the home of chaos and un­certainty during the past few months. People are jumpy and the streets are dangerous. To top it all, loud rumors about the legitimacy of the capital’s current ruler spread fast. More and more people suspect Eleanor Zarv took the ruling position by force, or by usurping the true suc­cessor’s right. Thus, an opposition was born.

The Zarvish Front

This rebel force claims that their leader, a man named Indigo, is the rightful Zarv successor. Their objective is to find physical proof that Eleanor Zarv obtained her position through lies and mass deceit. So far, their movement has only gained them more followers. But they still have no real proof of their claims. One thing is certain: Zarveck County would be better off with a different kind of leader. And Eleanor Zarv is not it.


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