694 The Pool of Truth – Lv5 Shadowdark Adventure

Perhaps the answer is elsewhere… I must not worry. No one will ever replicate what I have created. I have seen it. The water of all truths showed me.

Lucien’s Notes

Life is full of secrets and mysteries. Most of the time, these enigmas of the world remain un­known forever. This is because the darker the question is, the more difficult it is to seek the answer. And the wisest men say that some things in the universe are better left untouched, hidden, or unknown.

Revealing Magic

Nature dictates that for every mystery, there shall be someone wishing to unearth its secrets. Long ago, there was a curious, determined mage who disliked peo­ple. Lucien distrusted everyone and was unable to be­lieve what others said, regardless of the veracity.

His paranoid attitude matched his magical skills, though. Thus, at the peak of his wizardry career, Luc­ien crafted a physics-defying fluid of incredible proper­ties. The translucent solution has the power to reveal all kinds of truths, whether verbal, physical, or magical.

Water of All Truths

The otherworldly fluid is heavier and more vis­cous than common water. It holds a light silver hue and shines like steel when sunlight hits it directly. The water removes any effects that alter reality in a magical way, such as invisibility, polymorphism, or illusions. A sprin­kle of it is enough to end such an effect on a single object, or target. The water cures lycanthropy as well.

If used on a person, it reveals when someone lies; lips shut as if sewn together whenever the target tries to say something false. The person may cleverly avoid saying the truth without lying, though. Finally, this magical liq­uid may be used for one’s benefit. Staring into a pool of this magical water grants visions of one’s future. Thus al­lowing the user to plan accordingly and take advantage.


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