692 Corvinus Family Crypt – Lv3 Shadowdark Adventure

The tragedy that befell the Corvinus family is unlike anything else humankind has faced in eons. Cursed are their souls… Cursed are their descendants…

Almanac of the Great Families

The never-ending search for power and might is the demise of magic-users when they reach their mortal limits. Magic is a powerful tool but its usefulness and reach are limited by mankind’s short lifespan and fragile body. Alas, those that reach this limit often strive to find a way to circum­vent the laws of the world by binding and siphoning the life-force of extraplanar beings. There is a belief that it is possible to extract the power of an otherworldly entity to change the human body and achieve immortality. Alas, most wizards who attempt this bring unfiltered tragedy.

The Corvinus Massacre

For a hundred years, the patriarch of the once-pow­erful Corvinus family spent endless resources to fund a powerful wizard’s research. Their goal was to summon and bind a devil from hell. Its energy would be used to make Lord Corvinus the immortal patriarch of the fam­ily. Alas, he overestimated the expertise of this mage. When the time came, a mighty devil was brought forth into the Material Plane. But the wizard perished trying to bind the devil. The evil entity then cursed the Corvinus Lord for his naive attempts and laid waste to as many family members as he could before vanishing. Most died. The remains were interred in the family crypt which is a reminder of that baleful day. A week ago, the undead Corvinus poured out of the crypt gate and attacked near­by areas. The watch has failed to stop the undead.

Adventure Hook

Local Heroes. Sir Ardant Hoovin, the bailiff, offers a reward to mercenaries for getting rid of the danger­ous undead in the Corvinus Family crypt. He has lost too many men trying to solve this and cannot compro­mise the town’s watch anymore. Fortunately, the bailiff possesses a floor-plan of the Corvinus crypt and freely shares it with whoever takes the deal (40 gp, 4 XP).

Learning the Truth. A member of the party has ex­perienced vivid dreams in the past few weeks. In these dreams, they see an impossibly large, upside-down tree where hundreds of people hang like ripe fruit. At the very bottom, they see themselves. The character feels the urge to visit the crypt. The truth lies there (0 XP).


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