604 The Spirit of Greed – Level 5 Delve

The only way I will stop asking for the tribute is if the people of Harrinton pay for the reconstruction of my family tomb. But they won’t, will they?

Gordy Pheldan’s Ghost

Delve Level 5 (3,400 XP)

1 ghost

2 ghasts

5 ghouls

8 zombies


Treasure-seekers and adventurers hardly ever say no to exploring uncharted places; the possibilities of finding gold and ancient artifacts are often greater when no one has set foot at the location in question before.

The dangers that come with these journeys and quests are something only the bravest and the strongest can face, though. The rest, which is the majority of folks, must find other ways to deal with trouble or danger. Most flee. That is the strongest survival instinct. Whenever a place stops being safe or hospitable, it isn’t strange for people to look for another place to live. But a few oth­ers learn to fight back and recover what is theirs. A few others use negotiation tactics to reach reasonable terms. And a few clever ones adapt. They learn to live in a new world with new, harsher rules. It does not matter what people do. The objective stays the same: survival.

Gordy Pheldan’s Ghost

There is a small town that goes by the name of Harrin­ton. It is located near the River of Feathers, north of the capital. The good people of this farming community are a great example of brave men who chose to adapt rath­er than abandon their land and the place they call home.

It all started a few months ago. At the Pheldan’s fam­ily tomb. The last of their family died 50 years ago and left no heirs. One day, for reasons unknown, the spirit of Gordy Pheldan came back from the dead. His ghost be­came angry and full of grudges after witnessing the state of his family’s tomb. He could not believe his bloodline was lost forever and no one cared for them anymore.

Fueled by anger and wrath, the ghost reanimated oth­er family members in the tomb and raised a small army of restless undead. They reached Harrinton a few hours later. Fortunately, Gordy has agreed to parley.

In Terms of Greed…

Gordy Pheldan’s ghost threatened to unleash the zombies and ghouls in the town unless he was compen­sated for the people’s insolence. In his mind, they are re­sponsible for the current state of his family tomb. And, strangely, he also blames the people of Harrinton for let­ting the Pheldan bloodline disappear and be forgotten.

The poor villagers agreed to bring a monthly tribute to the Pheldan’s tomb to appease the ghost. But the town’s leader is sick and tired of being ignored by the capital while being under threat by enemies. The authorities of­fer a hefty bounty of 3,000 gp to brave heroes who can get rid of the ghost and the small army of undead he cre­ated. The recovery of the past tribute is part of the job.

1. Entrance

After traveling east of Harrinton for a few hours, the heroes find Gordy Pheldan’s family tomb.

The tomb’s entrance door is locked (DC 20 Thieves’ Tools). The two 30-foot-corridors to the east and west end in decrepit alcoves with mundane stuff and a door.

Key. The characters find the key to area 7 if they take a minute to search the place (DC 16 Investigation).

2. Antechamber

This room contains two small, wooden tables. There is a dagger, wax for letter seals, and documents with admin­istrative information about the people buried here.

Obituary. There is a section of the wall with intricate inscriptions of some of the most important people rest­ing here. The name of Gordy Pheldan is among them. One of the bricks with a name can be pushed to slide part of the wall and reveal a vault (DC 18 Investigation).

3. Collapsed Tomb

Six standing sarcophagi rest within the narrow wall alcoves. The entire north wall of this chamber has collapsed, revealing two dark, shifting tunnels.

Some innocent Pheldan souls came back from the dead. One ghast, two ghouls, and three zombies emerge from their enclosures and attack any intruders. They chase enemies outside this area and fight until slain.

4. Ruined Office

This room used to be a small archive like area 2. Cave-ins destroyed it and connected it to the cavern network.

5. Cavern Network

One ghoul and three grunting zombies roam in this area. They fight trespassers until slain. One of the alcove walls from the chapel (area 6) has collapsed and creat­ed an extemporaneous connection between these areas.

Caverns. The heroes may enter the dungeon from area 5 if they find the caverns on their way (DC 15 Survival).

6. The Pheldan Chapel

Six wooden benches and columns flank a fine, blue rug that shows the way to a small altar. Zombies and ghouls loom forth from their enclosures as a ghostly, shadowy figure coalesces from the palpable shadows.

The characters meet Gordy Pheldan’s ghost here. He greets the heroes saying: “The tribute is one week late and now you come. Will you parley or fight like brutes?

Kill the Undead. The characters do not want to hear what Gordy has to say or have no intention to negoti­ate with a ghost. Gordy’s ghost, a ghast, two ghouls, and two zombies fight fearlessly until slain. The heroes can return the people from Harrinton the gold they surren­dered in the past few months (see Features of the Tomb).

A Possible Negotiation. The characters agree to talk with Gordy. After minutes of complaining, the ghost ex­plains he will stop the attacks on Harrinton if they agree to rebuild his family’s tomb and perform a holy ceremony so all Pheldan can finally rest (see Development).

7. East Archive

This area is locked (DC 20 Thieves’ Tools). The charac­ters find official documents, diaries, and books about the Pheldan family if they explore the place. The characters find 29 pp and a magic scroll of lesser restoration if they search the area well (DC 16 Investigation).

8. West Archive

The documents on the wooden desk display intricate de­tails of all the tribute that has been brought here since Gordy Pheldan’s ghost started to terrorize the people of Harrinton. The characters find two potions of healing if they search the area well (DC 15 Investigation).


The characters may choose to eliminate the undead at the tomb forever or to negotiate with them. If the tomb is rebuilt as promised, Gordy’s ghost stays true to his word and all the dead go back to their eternal slumber.

The people from Harrinton expect the characters to re­turn everything they gave as tribute in the past months. Failing to do brands the heroes as wanted criminals.

Features of the Tomb

Lights. The sconces feature magical flame spells. The magic fades in seconds after the torches are removed.

Treasure. Area 2 contains 2,000 gp worth of coins, sil­verware, and fabrics. There are 1,346 gp worth of trea­sure that did not come from Harrinton’s tributes. The he­roes may keep this if they defeat all undead in combat.

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