288 The Fancy Lynx


There is an old saying that says that everybody has their own poison. In big cities, people are prone to vice and corruption; Glaham is not the exception. It is a cosmopolitan city, harboring people from various different races. This is a city that has a lively nightlife, from 24-hour inns to brothels and taverns, Glaham always has something to offer regardless of the time of the day.

The Fancy Lynx is one of those establishments. It opens every day. Its owner, Gal Vadriz, is a business mastermind. He is a human who is not afraid of making big investments. The Fancy Lynx building was not popular at all a few years ago. Even though the building is huge and big enough to serve more than a hundred guests, its foundations hold a very uncomfortable secret. Many years past, there was a mining site here. A pitch-dark hole to the Underdark lays below the two-story building. At first it was thought that this natural crater would be perfect for ore mining or visiting the Underdark settlements through it. But soon people realized that traveling to the Underdark from here or to do any mining would be impossible. Dark creatures and monsters came from below far too often. Therefore, wizards in the city placed three human-sized metal black rings which work as circles of power. The rings were infused with abjuration magic. They impede any Underdark dwellers from coming to the surface.

The place was a simple warehouse for a long time. Until Gal Vadriz came along. Where other entrepreneurs saw no way to do business there, he saw an opportunity. He bought the entire place for a ridiculously low price because no one wanted it. He trusted the wizards’ rings of power because they had been functioning well since their placement.

The Fancy Lynx is one of the best entertainment centers in the city. It has everything a vice man could ask for. It serves drinks and fancy cocktails; it has a stage for theater plays or dancing shows and the like. It also has gambling grounds and a pool table, private rooms, luxurious facilities and VIP lounges. Many a man have lost themselves to the temptations The Fancy Lynx has to offer.

The Fancy Lynx staff is numerous. They have many bartenders, card dealers, guards, cleaning ladies, and of course, performers. They have a music band and a whole set of actors and actresses. They have half a dozen dancers too. The gnomish theater company is very appreciated. The natural magic users and uncanny illusionists excel in their performances. Their most popular plays are “The goblin who wanted to find love” and “Who stole my ale?”, but there are many others in their repertoire.

The main star of the show is Satin. She is a half-elf beautiful woman. She has perfect curves, a long coiffed luxurious black hair, and heterochromia (she has a green eye and a blue eye). One look is enough for her to cast her spell on anyone. Men fantasize with her shows. The venue is always packed whenever she performs, and even women are attracted to her overwhelming beauty. Gal is delighted to have her on board because since she started a few months ago, she is one of the reasons the place has become so popular.

However, Gal is unaware of Satin’s real identity. He has fallen to her undeniable charm as well. Satin is a succubus, a devil. She means to destroy the protection circles in the basement so dark creatures can again attack and torment the surface dwellers. She has been waiting for the right time for her coup, gaining everyone’s trust and getting to know Glaham’s citizens better. For the past month, she has been meeting with one of the most wealthy, deep-pocketed clients, Dorian. He has been coming once or twice a week for a while now. He always drinks the most expensive red wine and asks for Satin to be with him in private. Dorian is Satin’s partner, an incubus. He pays for whole nights with her which they both spend in her private VIP room. They are both plotting on how to destroy the circles of power and let chaos reach the surface. If nobody does anything, it is just a matter of time for Glaham to be overrun by evil creatures, devils, and worse.

Area Descriptions

1 Entrance

A double door is the main entrance to The Fancy Lynx. Two ornamental brackets hold torches on each side of the entrance. The door is well decorated and features an enticing image: a grand, prominent lynx sitting on its hind legs receives all guests before they enter. The door is always closed and it is only opened whenever customers are going in. Two guards (thugs) in black fancy clothes are the doormen.

2 Foyer

A beautiful pink and brown carpet decorates the first room of the establishment. Signs on each of the doors indicate where customers should go. The tavern (Area 3) and the Gambling Hall (Area 6) have single doors while the Theater Hall (Area 7) has a double door decorated with a Comedy and Tragedy masks. A single door to the right is unmarked and leads to the basement (Area 17). This door is well secured and locked at all times. Only Gal has the key for it. The foyer does not have a ceiling per se as the balcony lounge above looks into it (Area 8).

3 Tavern       

The tavern is large enough to sit around fifty people. It has a long counter where two and sometimes three bartenders serve drinks and ale. The room has a small door on the west wall that can only be opened from the inside. This is used to kick out unwanted customers, sleeping drunkards, or brawlers into the alley. The door behind the bar on the west wall is where the staff takes merchandise in. (Area 4)

4 Side Alley

The door that leads to the barred section of the alley can only be opened from the inside of the establishment. The small cul-de-sac is barred from all sides to impede anybody from disturbing whenever they have the door open. Only Gal and his most trusted staff members have keys to open the metal barred doors north and south of the alley.

5 Storage

Barrels, crates, and wooden boxes fill this place. Ale, wine, champagne, fruit, dry food, and other supplies are stored in here. Only the staff uses the set of stairs here to go to the next level. This room has two doors as well but nobody uses them. They are blocked and barred from the inside.

6 Gambling Hall and Exchange

There is a counter to exchange real gold and money for game chips. People gamble with dice, cards, or pool games. There are guards in this room at all times. The counter access is barred to protect the cashier and the gold.  

7 Theater Hall

The hall has its own bar as well, so quick drinks and beer can be served while a show is on stage. There is a small door behind this counter to access the storage with ease. The stage takes about one third of the room and its shapes emphasizes the star of the show whenever they are performing. There is a trapdoor on the right corner of the stage ceiling. This door leads to the utility room and is used for stage props, lights, and sometimes by the performers themselves. (Area 16).

8 Lounge

This area works as a waiting room for customers that want to use a private room or that need to use the bathrooms. The Fancy Lynx staff serves the people waiting in here, regardless.

9 Private Rooms

There are four private rooms with long tables. Two of them have a chest for supplies and storage. The city’s mobs and gangsters meet here whenever they have private or secret deals to discuss. Dangerous meetings have place in here as well and things can go sour in a moment. Two rooms feature small hallways with access to the private rooms through secret doors.

10 Bathrooms

Four identical restrooms fill the middle of the second level of The Fancy Lynx. They are all equipped with a bathtub, a chamber pot, and a fancy wooden sink. Two small storage rooms on each side of the pair of bathrooms are locked. These small rooms have cleaning products, mops, and the like.

11 Private VIP Rooms

Some clients desire to have a private show with one of the dancers. They pay for a private room and can still be served drinks or wine. These rooms have three luxurious seats and side tables. Each of the doors in these private rooms has a special compartment in the middle, so drinks and food can be placed without disturbing the people inside.

12 Dressing Rooms

Some of the utility material is in the crates and boxes of the dressing rooms. One of the chests contains costumes, make-up, and props for the theater plays or the characters. There are three vanities by the west wall. Two wardrobes by the north wall hold expensive clothing such as furs and silk coats.

13 Closet

The closet is regularly filled with the stuff the performers almost never use. It has a secret door to Satin’s Quarters (Area 15). Only Satin and Gal know of this secret passageway.

14 Satin’s VIP room  

This room is reserved for the wealthiest clients. This is where Dorian and Satin have been meeting for a while now. The room has decorative exotic plants and flowers, a green pompous carpet, and two luxury seats. The beautiful center table always has chocolate and fruit delights.

15 Satin’s Quarters

Satin has her own private room. She has a vanity, a bed to rest, a wardrobe, and a bathtub. Dorian sometimes pays an extra fee to be allowed inside her quarters. She would let him in without this arrangement but Dorian insists on flashing off his illegally earned wealth.

16 Utility room

This is where the staff keeps musical instruments, utility props, and anything that has to do with the theater performances. Only show-stuff is allowed in this room.

17 Basement

A massive metal double door blocks the path to the cave (Area 19). This door is shut close with welded iron bars and spikes. There was never an intention to open it again. Only a successful DC 22 Strength (Athletics) check performed by three or more people allows them to force the metal double doors open.

The vault’s metal door has a high-end lock. A successful DC 20 Dexterity (Thieves Tools) check allows a character to open it.

18 Vault

Gal is the only one with access to the vault. He has the only key. He does his accounting here. He keeps accounting books, gold, and administration papers in here. He also holds his employees’ contracts and files in this place. He does not come here often but when he does, he spends a great part of the day working.

19 Cave

When this used to be a mining site, miners shaped some steps on the rock to facilitate moving around the pit. Now nobody comes to this place. The three floating magic rings do their job well, they flank the pit from three different sides. For as long as they have been standing, no creature has ever crossed their boundary. These are the magic rings Satin and Dorian plan to destroy.

20 Pit

The seemingly bottomless pit is as dark as night. It has been decades since anybody visited this place. What creatures, if any, creep out of the pit if Satin and Dorian’s plan is successful are left to the DM’s discretion. These events are not within the scope of this module.

Important NPC’s 

Gal Vadriz

The owner of The Fancy Lynx is a middle-aged human. He dresses well and is very active when running his business. He is a strict man, but a fair boss. He treats his employees with respect and expects them to do the same. He does not like liars or suspicious people. He is not aware at all about Satin’s plot to dispel the rings below his establishment.

Gal likes to gamble in his own business, not caring if he loses or not. He just enjoys the rush of the game and does this to know his customers better. Whenever he finds someone suspicious or cheating, he continues playing for a while and then quits the game with the outmost respect, excusing himself. Later, he calls his security staff and kicks out the possible troublemakers.

Satin and Dorian

A succubus and an incubus in hiding. Satin has been working in The Fancy Lynx for almost half a year now. She noticed the opportunity to bring chaos to the material world and decided to contact her associate Dorian. Both are attractive, up to the point of being unnatural. But their persuasive and deceptive ways have helped their devilish nature go unnoticed.

It has been a month since they have been meeting and scheming their evil plan. They mean to be ready in a fortnight. Their plan is to melt the basement doors with fiendish fire and dispel the magic in the power rings. They expect that without the rings’ protection spell, Underdark inhabitants can find their way to the surface once more.

General Features

 Furniture. Everything in the Fancy Lynx is nice. Gal does a great job keeping his establishment clean. The cleaning staff apply polish/wax to wood and marble to make it shine. Every time a piece of furniture such as sofas or seats is damaged, Gal replaces it or repairs it in no time.

Smells and Sounds. Expensive incense is used to have the place smell sweet and exotic. The VIP rooms are the ones with the most expensive scents. From the foyer to the bathrooms, The Fancy Lynx holds up its name. The music from the stage reaches almost all rooms in the building. In places like the tavern and gambling hall, the talk, laughs, and screams of joy or despair fill the halls.

Cave. The atmosphere in this place is a real contrast to the rest of the building. It is dark and cold. The floating magic rings produce a continuous humming sound. The humming sound stops and the rings fall to the floor inert if Dorian and Satin’s plan succeeds.

Doors. All doors in the establishment to customer areas are high quality. They all feature the lynx logo from the main entrance doors. The rest of the doors are simple wooden doors unless it is described otherwise in the individual area descriptions.


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