156 The Educated Gnoll


Gnolls are often hand-waved as ferocious, cruel, sadistic creatures. And rightfully so. I did not come here to tell you that this isn’t so, but I tell you that there is one of them who is more intelligent and creative than the rest. And he came up with the interesting idea of threatening people for their money, instead of straight up killing them for it. A common idea amongst men, a groundbreaking discovery for gnolls.

This mini-adventure is made public thanks to the awesome support of my paying patrons.

The release includes a PDF document with adventure background and ideas. It also includes several versions of the map to use in game or in online VTTs.

I release new cartography and adventure content every few days since last year. This is a very active RPG Patreon account. I thank my supporters for their help in making my craft my main source of income. The RPG community is great and if you like my stuff, consider giving something back.










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