114 – Campsite before the Dungeon


Hello my friends, denizens of the tower and recent subscribers. So I was thinking the other day that there are lots of maps about dungeons and buildings, there are also tons of maps for wilderness encounters and fantastic locations.

However, it does not really make sense to me that a party of adventurers travel for days to a dungeon and then decide to enter immediately. I would say that since they are adventurers, they can infer that going in will be dangerous. Hence I believe the right course of action would be to first set up  camp outside the dungeon, to eat, sleep and get ready to go down. That’s what this map is all about, You can clearly see the dungeon/ruin entrance and a campsite in place.

Notice too that, for the first time here, I have added a night-time version for this map. I think this is an awesome step forward for the versatility of my map creations. You can have some kinds of random encounters before the main dungeon fun. Either during day or night.  (Patreon Only) I attached versions with grid and without and some printer friendly as usual. By the way, all illustrations in this pack are compatible with Roll20 if you set them 20×20.

Thanks a lot for your continuous support. All of you really rock !


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