The Lipstick of Chaos – FREE Adventure

Hello traveler,

This is the story of Lenna and Oniro, two female mages who came upon the strangest gift of all. A cursed lipstick of chaos!

The violet lipstick plays a nasty spell on all weak-willed individuals, regardless of race or gender. It causes the wearer to become attached to the small makeup item. To the point where one would betray friends and family only to retrieve it if lost. But it also causes an irresistible urge to share it so that others get cursed as well. In the end, the cursed lipstick can cause a town or even a city to tear itself apart by all those who covet the small item.

At the moment, Oniro the elf wears the makeup and keeps the lipstick at the bottom of her tower, in an underground complex under it. She is ready to confront Lenna, or whoever she hires to get the lipstick! Should any of the adventurers try it, they will too become cursed by it.

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