Smoke on the Water – Tier 2 Adventure

This is a tier 2 (level 5-6) adventure about a concerned tavern owner who’s looking to hire a group of valiant warriors to track down his adoptive daughter and help her finish her research. Elilah is a curious investigator who follows the track of the Prophesy of the Pregnant Old One. She believes the event of a lifetime is about to happen and she wants to be there when it happens. Her father says she left a few days ago to explore the ancient crypt of a saint.

Unbeknownst to all, the prophecy is true and the first infant Old One was born. Mortals are not built to deal with such creatures. Their power grows stronger and stronger but time is different for them. Perhaps there is a way to defeat the infant Old One before it grows too powerful.

TLDR; You Can Get It Here


This is what’s included with your purchase:

  • Adventure PDF
  • Printer Friendly PDF (BW)
  • High-Resolution Map files for DM and PCs
  • Roll20 compatible maps

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You Can Get It Here

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