Revamped Goblet of Fireflies

Hi, awesome readers,

To celebrate the silver medal status of our adventure Goblet of Fireflies, we have revamped the whole adventure. We redid the layout, added art, fixed some errors and typos.

But most importantly, I dabbled into the depths of Indesign and after hours of delving, I returned home with a fresh PHONE PDF! Super clickable and fully interactive.

The Goblet of Fireflies is a 4-6 hours long dungeon-crawl adventure for a party of 5 to 9th level characters.

The door to the ancient vault opens only once every summer solstice. The fabled Goblet of Fireflies lies inside, its power is said to have changed the course of the Feywild wars. Several fey factions are currently rushing to retrieve it while the fey courts decide who should own it. The adventurers will find their way to the vault and face Lolth’s minions for it. Will they be able to get it before it is too late?

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